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I'm just about to set off for Colyphyr Mines so I'm pretty close to finishing act IV. I've still got a couple of islands to do in DLC3 but I'm expecting to be done with the chapter in a couple of days.

I'm playing as an Angel so won't be affected with Mythic stuff too much, but I don't want to miss out on any other content that might be added. From Starrok's comments it seems like the bulk of the content will be in Act V, so should I wait to start it until EE drops? Start a new playthrough maybe?

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As an Angel, you will mostly benefit from universal features (UI improvements, new photo mode, etc.), and will maybe trigger some of the newer epilogues. There's no Angel-specific story content in the EE, it's one of the most fleshed out paths as it is. So you may continue your playthrough normally.

Speaking as your Angel bro who finished the game with that path as well.