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I really like the game, but saying it's unstable on PS5 is an understatement. It feels like I'm playing an early beta version.

I'm not even mad with some minor issues like the card menu not popping up on the world map. I can just enter some location, quit it, and the card menu will un-bug itself.

I'm not even mad that there are some quests that require the player to know what day it is, but there's no clock in any visible spot on the console version.

I'm not even mad with some quirks during combat. Sometimes the ability/spell button bar doesn't appear, and the game behaves like it's currently in exploring mode, but it waits for the enemy turn, because we're actually in the combat mode. So changing the turn based/realtime combat mode unbugs it, and the ability/spell button bar is visible again.

I not even that mad when sometimes NPCs are repeating their dialogue sequence. For example I saw the same Irovetti's end rant two times, separated by a few rounds of combat.

I'm not even mad that sometimes I wonder if some mechanic is bugged out, or is it a consequence of the combat system. E.g. sometimes when fighting Spawn of Rovagug, my companions will randomly attack me instead of giving me control, but there is absolutely no indication about any mind control effect on the character screen. Or that my dispel magic spell reports a successful dispel of Seamantle, but it's still reported as active on the enemy. Intentional, or a bug? Who knows.

I'm not even mad that it's pretty easy to walk through closed doors; it's possible to walk directly to a door, do a few circles, and sometimes one member will fall through the closed door. Repeat for all party members and we don't need any keys.

I'm not even that mad about long loading times. When I'm starting up the game, I'm doing it with my phone near by. On that phone I'm using a language e-learning app that has gamification and league levels built in. I'm using it when the game displays the loading screen. Suffice to say, I've recently hit the gold league in activity, and I'm only using it on loading screens. Seriously, maybe consider adding a help browser on loading screens, or inventory management system, so at least user could somehow filter the inventory when the game loads? It would be helpful to have the "add this item to junk" option.

I'm a little bit mad is that the game crashes on average 1 time per hour. I'm constantly saving the game every 10 minutes, and the save game process is not fast at all. I'm using my language e-learning app during saves.

What makes me real mad is that the game sometimes crashes during saves. I never know if my save will be successful or not. Sometimes the game crashes when I save immediately after some longer fight. This makes me play on harder difficulty levels impossible. I don't know how I would react if the game would crash during save after a fight with the Spawn of Rovagug on higher difficulty levels, when this fight would end with a victory. I would probably stop playing right there.

If the sequel is also that bugged as Kingmaker, then I guess I'll learn all 汉字 before I finish it (via the e-learning app).

That's why generally I don't buy games right after the release, and mostly on discounts. I never know if the developer will walk the "extra mile" of bringing the game to a stable level, or will treat it as "game exists on this platform, good, let's move on with another title".

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Oooh that's a bummer. I didn't know that. Then it's complete nonsense that the game is listed on sale. I can see that Deep Silver sells it now. I think it's pretty unethical to sell a broken product, without any intention of fixing it, and without any indication about its state.

That is correct, the rights for Kingmaker were lost back in 2019, even before its console release. After a few months outlined in a contract, we've stopped receiving any funds from it whatsoever. Despite that, for about a year we were updating the game from our own funds, but eventually we were forced to stop any development.

Unfortunately there's nothing we can do with the state of the game now. It doesn't belong to us and the current owner isn't interested in reviewing the status despite all our efforts.