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This isnt all the new Archetypes right?

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Archetypes are just variations of the class or in dnd terms subclasses and the new archetypes are free in new update minus shifter one that only comes if bought dlc that came with shifter base class

That's incorrect - the archetypes are a part of DLC content.

Free updates are new mythic feats, assassin rework, new VFX for some spells and abilities, and massive bugfixes (600+ fixes and counting)

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There is a rod. And deactive it cause you to lose the kinetic blast icon.
It is permanently disappear from the menu, not just the quick bar.

If you reported that, there's a high chance it was fixed. The page that comes with the DLC is monstrous in terms of number of fixes. I'll let the team know just in case though.

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Sadly, no.

At least it is not mention in the patch readme. People had been report about it for years. As early as the game launch, I think? It is a pretty old bug.

Just received a confirmation from the team that this fix is coming in 2.2

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Will you fix the shadow spells (shadow evocation, shades etc.) that currently have incorrect DC? They should have the illusion school DC but use the evocation/conjuration one instead. I thought that the new shadow wizard archetype might warrant such adjustment

Asked the QA team. The fix is in 2.2.

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Is the missing swarm visual been fixed with the next update?

Missing swarm visual? Could you elaborate?

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For instance at lepers smile, the location should be riddled with insects buzzing around but now you only get the audio effect but not the visual.

Odd, I could swear it was fixed a good while ago. Are you using an up-to-date version?

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Yeah, my game is up to date. I think the only time I have ever seen the swarm effect was on my very first play through at launch.

Checked with the QA team, 2.2 has that fix as well.

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I remember hearing that one of the characters that show in this DLC is an Automaton. Does that mean that we will also be able to play as one and have it as a selectable race?

No, it's companion-specific, similar to how Arushalae had a unique race/archetype. A whole new selectable race is roughly tenfold more expensive to include.