September is such a busy time of the year! And we’ve just finished adding new features to the upcoming Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Enhanced Edition.

Some mythic paths will get additional opportunities to shine in chapter 5. For example, Demon can earn the Archpriest title from a certain charming demon lord, while Legend will get to have some fun after reclaiming their mortality.

And if you are dying to know what happened to your companions and friends after you saved the day, you will probably enjoy the enhanced epilogues. Are you excited?

Let us know in the comments!

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September is such a busy time of the year! And we’ve just finished adding new features to the upcoming Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Enhanced Edition.

Some mythic paths will get additional opportunities to shine in chapter 5. For example, Demon can earn the Archpriest title from a certain charming demon lord, while Legend will get to have some fun after reclaiming their mortality.

And if you are dying to know what happened to your companions and friends after you saved the day, you will probably enjoy the enhanced epilogues. Are you excited?

Let us know in the comments!

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Originally posted by thrac1an

i would be glad if you could pick gold dragon or devil paths earlier

Unfortunately that's impossible without completely overhauling the whole game. Each late mythic has a build up that's integrated into the story.

Originally posted by Felspawn

will i need to start a new game to enjoy the benefits of the Enhanced Edition?

No, you can continue.

Originally posted by SweetSummerAir

Is there a chance that Woljif is now a romance option in EE?

EE has no new romances. I'm sorry :)

Originally posted by Rain-D

If I started the game and plan to be in Act 3 during release of EE - I already got it that I can continue my game. But how much content I could lose from Act 1, Act 2 and if I'll be in a middle of Act 3?

Thanks you for a great game, BTW!

Most of the new content is either universal (such as UI improvements) or in chapter 5.

Originally posted by AFishNamedFreddie

Do I need to buy a new edition of the game to get the enhanced content?

No, if you have the game, you will receive it automatically.

Originally posted by Jedimeister99

I'm wondering if there are any new races coming with EE? I really wanted Ratkin to be added over Kitsune, and that'd be awesome if they were being added.

Not in EE, no. Maybe one day in a DLC, but don't take my word for it, it's more of a speculation at this point.

Originally posted by TheAscendent

I wonder how becoming Archpriest for a certain Demon Lord affects a certain ending path. Definitely looking forward to the additions and revamped Late game Mythic Paths.

Oh, it definitely leads to some interesting endgame events.

Originally posted by Kamei86

Cant wait. Holding my next playtrough until this. There are new classes in the EE?

No, EE focuses on various improvements of existing content and some new QoL features concerning UI and usability. Classes are content more fit for a DLC.

Originally posted by TheFimb

Will EE bring performance improvements to act 4 ? Mainly to Alushinyrra performance in pc ?

A lot of optimization work was done in preparation for console version, so hopefully it should behave better.

Originally posted by LordofBones89

Will the lich model get an update to bring it in-line with the portrait instead of being a skeleton in hobo rags?

Power requires sacrifices! On a serious note though, this is a design that was chosen, I don't think it will be changed.

Originally posted by Warlord41k

Are there any changes to mythic progression? As of now the time from MR7 to MR8 is very short (2-3 hours depending on whether or not you read dialogue) and when we get our final mythic rank there are only a handful of encounters left.

It was deemed too major of a story overhaul to touch, unfortunately. So no, that remains as is. However, you can always spend more time on top mythics with DLC1 and DLC3.

Originally posted by AllIsOpenEnded

Is there any additional content for swarm or gold dragon?

Yes for swarm, unfortunately not for dragon this time.

Originally posted by SkavenHaven

What about new stuff for early Mythic paths, like new quests for Azata and companion chatter for Lich?

You'll see soon :)

Originally posted by Shadenius

Is there anything new for Gold Dragons? (Just yes or no is enough.)

Not this time I'm afraid. I'm sorry. It's a big downer for us as well, but it didn't fit in the timeframe and budget for EE. The ideas for the new stuff are still there however, and there are people on the team who'd love to see them in, so don't lose hope just yet, my winged friends.

Originally posted by Janberk1912

Are there any changes to Golden Dragon?

Not this time I'm afraid.

Originally posted by LysanderFlare

Oh no... You said "this time" so, have you guys planned to maybe add some stuff on future patches as well? Golden Dragon was definitly one of the path that needed something more.

I answered in another comment. It didn't fit into the budget/timeframe for EE, but there are ideas that may yet be implemented at some point if we can squeeze them in with something else. No promises for now though.

Originally posted by Ranadiel

Really nothing new for Gold Dragon? I'm honestly surprised because it was trying really hard to be the worst Mythic Quest overall. Devil might have beaten it, but that's only because Devil really didn't have one.

With Devil getting additions, Gold Dragon is going to have no competition for worst Mythic Quest now. :(

Any chance of additions for it in the future?

That's a disappointment for us too. But sometimes you have make the hard choice, and sadly this time content for the dragon didn't make it. I know saying this is brutal but at least it's honest.

There are still people on the team including me, that advocate for this to be reviewed in the later patches, but time will tell whether we'll be able to find resources.

Originally posted by LysanderFlare

Devil content was confirmed by a dataminer it seems to have a new quest (still little but well). But no news about golden or swarm. In addition to content for Swarm/Devil/ GD I especially would like to see new reactivity and interactions with all the paths in chapter 5. The fact that you invade Drezen with your owns demons without even worrying your companions still give me spine chills... And, well, you just become an outsider in chapter 5 so... if there is reactivity to be expected it's there.

Let's say Swarm has a new... Let's call it a food source?

Originally posted by Shadenius

That's a shame but understandable. As an accountant I do understand that you can do only so much with a budget. I understand prioritising Devil given how little content it had and content-wise Gold Dragon is one of the more fleshed out late paths (even if some disagree with direction those quests take and making Dragon Burial Ground quests universal rather than Gold Dragon specific was kinda a weird choice in my opinion since they are also part of GD Path). Fingers crossed for the future.

The biggest winner of this competition is Legend. You'll see :)

Originally posted by TheFimb

Glad to read that, act 4 always felt a bit annoying as you get your pc running at less than 30 fps during that act.

Any other thing that you can spoil us? Are there going to be new feats ? New classes ? A new companion maybe?

That kind of content usually lands in DLCs ;)

EE is centered around QoL UI improvements and updated reactivity/endings.

Originally posted by LysanderFlare

Just out curiosity, does the economical situation make it harder for the team to find ressources? Have the EE planned to be bigger but with less ressource you can't make all the things planned right now?

Slightly perhaps. It's not a catastrophe of any sorts but of course there's influence, as on almost anyone these days.

But there is also always a standard factor of some features taking more time (and as a result, budget) than was planned. Sometimes due to miscalculation of required effort. More often, because of unexpected difficulties or unpredictable side effects, e.g. to implement one thing you realize you need to fix other two things in the code first, or by implementing one thing you break another and have to spend time fixing it.

As a result this eats up the resources for other, less prioritized features. It's a normal part of the development process, but sadly sometimes it leads to losses of content like this.

Originally posted by AreeluVorlesh

Any chance of new, endgame merchants? Hell just someone selling the late game Kingmaker items would be amazing.

We acknowledge the issue with excessive gold in the end of the game, especially now that DLC3 integration has added even more. Not for EE, but this should be looked at.

Originally posted by AndreaColombo86

Any chance some of the magic items that don’t currently have unique icons/looks will get them with the EEs?

Will there be new portraits and/or sound sets?

New spells? New unique items with unique looks? New enemies / boss fights in Act V?

That's a lot of questions at once! :P

There will be something from this list in the game, definitely. Can't share more details yet :)

Originally posted by Dolomitexp

Oh okay cool, this is gonna be my first playthrough even though I've had the game for a while now...(dang backlog🤣)

Good timing!

P.S. Go Angel! :P

Originally posted by emmathepony

Will crusade management get any reworks?

There isn't a big batch of Crusade content prepared, but we're slowly doing rework of Crusade as patches go by. For example, if you haven't noticed, demon armies now attempt to run away from you when your army is too strong for them, saving you the time and effort.

Originally posted by peranamcor

Will there be any significant overhaul/changes for crusade? Mage generals trivilize any encounter, while other types struggle. Same with mythic units being mostly useless, hard to get and not worth compared to archer&cav doomstacks.

Not in EE, but we're slowly looking at it as time goes by, with reworks to specific units and abilities, as well as general mechanics, such as demon armies running off without battle when outnumbered. This feature is already in the game.

Originally posted by Penakoto

Will any of the new Legend stuff be previous-path specific? Like, giving quick closure to the dropped plot lines before moving on?

Not sure what you mean by that?

Originally posted by Rakatok

Are there any early game changes or is it all focused on act 5?

Mostly Act V or universal, such as UI improvements and endings.

Originally posted by thrac1an

i just came up with a great idea: why dont you completely overhaul the whole game? :D

btw, gold dragon is a very shallow path. it could be re-introduced as an early mytic path easily

No problem! Full funding from you and it's a deal ;)

Originally posted by onlypositivity

well, please let everyone on the team know that they need to sacrifice a bit more of the budget to give you a sizable raise, because you are one of the best representatives of a company I've ever seen - online or otherwise.

I'm a member of a fair few game subs, and your communication and engagement is incredible.

Aww :>

Originally posted by Verdelion

Will there be more dialogue/progression choices for existing Mythic Paths? For example I like the Demon path, that is until you hit MR8 and are basically forced to become a full on Chaotic Evil douche. I can never justify picking this Path because despite it being very interesting mechanically, it's too narrow in terms of how you can approach the role.

Will EE add more "wiggle room" in terms of roleplay for Mythic Paths?

There will be some new dialogue options/reactivity for multiple mythic paths. Don't expect a complete story overhaul for any of them though, for example fully transformed demon being a Chaotic Evil character is fully intended.

Originally posted by lucky_knot

Excited for expanded epilogue slides and additional Legend content (as I didn't expect it go get anything at all).

Any chance for some new portraits? Those that are already there are of remarkably high quality, but most of them are very class-specific so even a couple more would be great.

Portraits are extremely costly to make. For the price of one portrait you could sometimes design an entire feature. And they don't really add much to the existing game, considering you can add your own anytime. Plus there's a plenty of options available on the internet. They were not even considered, I'm sorry.

Originally posted by Felspawn

any chance Devil would be accessible from the Angel Mythic Path? or is it still Azata/Aeon only?

No changes in that aspect.

Originally posted by lopmilla

after EE , what are Owlcat's future plan for the game?

Season Pass 2, with 3 more DLCs, and steady continious bugfixing inbetween those. After that, we'll see. That may not be the end if the game and the new DLCs show decent sales.

Originally posted by Adahn-BG

Will savegames be compatible before and after EE? So you could start a playthrough now and continue it when EE releases?

Saves will be fully compatible.

Originally posted by Existentialistgoblin

You've mentioned UI improvements a few times: any specifics ?

Can only reveal the existence of Photo Mode now, that allows a closer look and various camera angels. Rest will be revealed later.

Originally posted by ominix

Are there any plans for new mythic paths in future dlc?

Personally I would like to see a vampire mythic path that could branch off from lich.

Extremely unlikely. Giant amount of work.

Originally posted by Deep_Fried_Leviathan

Any additional content for early game mythics? Beyond demon I mean

Maybe? :)

Originally posted by Fenniken777

As someone who owns the base game but no dlc as of this comment ( I might me buying dlc3 later today ), is the enhanced edition an upgrade or do I have to buy it separately?

Upgrade for your basic game.

Originally posted by StarlaBlaise

Hello! Will season 2 pass be released with EE? In particular, I am wondering about 2nd half of a certain dlc.

Season Pass 2 is its own entity and will be announced separately.

Originally posted by 666lumberjack

Will the changes to Devil be purely story / content or are there mechanics changes coming for it as well?


Originally posted by GrandConqueror

Will heavy armor users still get shafted in favor of monks and mages?

That's how the original system works. But in the last patches there has been a number of fixes that removed stacking of buffs that should never have stacked. This works on both player characters and enemies. That may change some balance.

Originally posted by trashitdn

God damn it I already put in 100 hrs and still haven't finished act 3. Should I wait for the enhanced edition I wonder.

Most of the EE content is for Act 5, or universal (UI improvements etc.)

Originally posted by StatementNegative345

Disappointing considering this was one of the most asked things by the community (along with gold dragon changes) 😔

Thanks for letting us know tho, Starrok.

There's only so much you can add. You have to make choices what to go forward with. This overhaul would devour most of the other features of EE, if we decided to proceed with it.

Gold Dragon was just an inch away from making it above the red line of cuts, but... Unlucky.

Originally posted by lostinlimbo25

Any information on the new season of dlc? Such as the release date or what to expect content wise?

I can spoil that there's a handful of content for the main campaign there. Dates are to be announced soon-ish.

Originally posted by Deoxtrys

I don't think its understandable. Gold Dragon needed more help than Legend. Legend has a short Mythic Quest but everything about it flows well with the rest of the story with a strong theme. In my Lich to Legend playthrough, the only thing I really missed was some dialogue choices at the end of the game.

Legend feels that way, because you receive it at such a turning point in the story. However, if you look at it more closely, it lacks mythic-specific content. It's sad that we had to let down Gold Dragon, but Legend also needed the love. And no less important, more people will see the content for Legend than the Dragon.

Originally posted by Jayce86

Is the console version going to have keyboard and mouse support? It’s one of the things I wish that Kingmaker had.

Not on release at least.

Originally posted by Jamandi_Aldori

Is there more new stuff for Azata? Maybe more stuff related to Pulura's Fall too?

It never made sense to me that only Angel path got that, since ALL the clerics at Pulura's fall are Stargazer Clerics of Desna, and most of the celestial Outsiders there are Azatas.

There is some new stuff for Azata, yes. You'll soon find out what :)

Originally posted by Levan1239

Is there Expanded Romance Content with Queen Galfrey as an Angel?

I wish, but nope. To be fair, I played the Angel myself, and it feels pretty finished as it is.

Originally posted by calebbrock9

I've not even beat the first Pathfinder game you made and I love it dearly, I cannot wait to see how well you did in this new one!

Wrath is an evolution over Kingmaker in many aspects. You will enjoy it :)

Originally posted by drunkpunk138

Do those UI improvements include a wider character panel at the bottom of the screen for ultra wide users? Would be cool if I didn't have to scroll left or right when I have pets. I know this is a pretty specific UI question but it's one I've been hoping for.

There's a new UI solution regarding pets that will work for everyone, not just widescreen. You'll enjoy it :)

Originally posted by Ankahros

Will there be big changes/improvements/rebalances to existing classes like Hellknight Signifier who can't be used with Divine casters or Druid subclass that specializes in Fey that do not present in WOTR and so on?

No plans for that. Some classes are not doing well in the main campaign Wrath due to their nature and nature of the campaign, but they should behave decently in DLC3.

Originally posted by vvvillanelle

Are additional romances possibly coming in the future or is that not possible?

Never say never

Originally posted by Theoriginalfatass

Will there be any new races?

No, EE is about improving what's already there, not entirely new races and classes.

Originally posted by Double_O_Cypher

Will we still get regular patches for those who don't get the Enhanced edition? Or will that be shelved and whatever the status is will persist?

Hello, technically EE is a big patch. The game will be updated to version 2.0 and continue patching from there. It's not a separate game mode or anything like that, it's a big update on the existing game.

Originally posted by intolerablesayings23

When will details about season two DLC be revealed?

In a few weeks is a reasonable expectation.

Originally posted by rtfcandlearntherules

Will something like the bubble buffs mod be implemented into the game?
I literally cannot play the game without it. I have now put in 500 hours and would have not gotten past 20 without this mod.

Hello. No, there are no such plans. Buffing is a part of gameplay and it's there for a reason.

You see, Pathfinder is intentionally built with the inherent feeling of 'hardcore', classic RPG. This is one of those parts that give this vibe on a subconscious level. Same as many other aspects of the game where certain manual control is required as in opposition to automation. Remove enough of it, and the magic is lost. "Classic" feel fades away and the game turns into yet another polished streamlined grind similar to modern MMOs.

You may argue, but this is a design decision made quite long ago, even before the first game, and it proves to be successful. This is how designers envision the 'default' player experience. Of course, you may have different wishes or vision, that's where mods come into play for your personal preference.

P.S. I personally passed the game on Core and always buffed manually, never felt like that was a problem. It felt more like a ritual before the battle than anything else.

Originally posted by AlphaStrike89

Will current saves be compatible with EE? I just started a new playthrough and will stop and wait if they aren't... but would definitely prefer to not have to restart to get the EE additions.

They are.

Originally posted by lopmilla

cool, hope it works out. is the financial performance good so far?

is a 3rd pathfinder game possible? or this has not yet been decided?

It's fine. But while the DLCs show an overall good reception in the polls (4-ish out of 5 for DLC3 for example), unfortunately that doesn't translate too well into reviews on Steam. They remain in the mixed zone, and of course that impacts sales negatively.

3rd game is not currently in plans for near future, but that doesn't mean it will stay that way forever. We still love Pathfinder and Paizo are our great friends and partners.

Originally posted by LysanderFlare

I'm not again even a season pass 3 if DLC are good enough and that some stuff come into (Golden dragon stuff and chapter 5 stuff for instance)

If SP1 and SP2 DLCs show good results, that may become reality, who knows.

Originally posted by Tink2013

Probably wont see this but has anything been done about Spell Resistance being the only stat thats the same from unfair to story? If the toy box mod can change spell resistance why can't Owlcat?

It has been discussed some time ago that it'd be nice to implement this value being affected by difficulty, but it's very low priority at the moment.