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Just a thought I had and was curious what others thought. Most everyone is familiar with Embers storyline, and I was trying to come up with a way to continue. What if you RPed demons that were convinced to redeemed and were trying to escape the Abyss to worship the new and improved Nocticula? There would be a huge power vaccuum with nocti leaving, so it would probably be even more chaotic and wild. You would be playing a mythic demon with a crystal imbeded so you will still gain mythic ranks. It would be kind of cool to see a post Nost ascension Alushinyrra and all the power struggles. Maybe an underground base for other Redeemed. I dunno, playing a mythic demon would be kind of cool mechanically too.

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We had it as one of the options in the survey, and it was rated somewhere around 8th or 9th in popularity out of ~15 options. So it's something we considered, but other options looked more attractive in the end. Sadly, it's unlikely that any more full-fledged DLCs are to come after Season Pass 2 is finished.