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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello, crusaders!

A new update, 1.4.3k has arrived! We’ve fixed the cutscene with Thall the Wallflower and the inquisitors, some issues with the 3rd DLC islands; prices, and the assortment of abyssal merchants, and some mechanical bugs as well.

Please keep in mind that a new update can potentially break your mode, but 1.3.7 version is still available in the beta branch!

We would like to apologize to those who play on macOS. We are still working to resolve the critical issue which prevents you from playing the new DLC. We are very sorry it’s taking so much time to fix this problem, and we are promising to let you know as soon as the update is ready! Thank you for your patience.

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!

  • Brodie could still turn into a ghoul, despite the complete quest with his cure – fixed;
  • Nocticula could turn hostile even when the Trickster sided with her – fixed;
  • Now it's possible to watch the book events in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC more than once;
  • The Inquisition no longer makes you wait for their arrival when you are talking to Thall the Wallflower, the Desnan mage.

  • Added loot containers after the death of shadow bosses in the 3rd DLC. Added portal to exit the area after the battle;
  • Fixed an issue with the navigation in Mutasafen's Laboratory;
  • Fixed a number of traps on the Midnight Isles;
  • Fixed one of the portals in the Middle City of Alushinyrra, and it will no longer break your party.

  • Lann could participate in the crusade council meetings during chapter 5 from behind the zone borders – fixed.

Classes & Mechanics
  • Fixed incorrect stacking of similar bonuses to Armor Class and saving throws;
  • Fixed some armor class bonuses;
  • Fixed the spellbook progression when the Dark Rites are used;
  • Legend was available on the 3rd mythic level in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC, instead of the 8th mythic level – fixed, now it works similarly to the main game;
  • Now, animal companions also get the black spot effect;
  • Scald's bonus feat now has access to all metamagic;
  • Tailwind got removed after retraining the character – fixed;
  • Tailwind of Fists provided additional slashing damage, instead of bludgeoning damage – fixed;
  • True Strike didn't work correctly after an attack with a spell – fixed.

Turn-based mode
  • Fixed the Dweomer Leap ability in turn based mode.

  • Fixed a number of icons.

  • Fixed fog of war in the 3rd DLC dungeons, which obscured the view at the end of the stairs.

  • During one of the dialogues on the path of Swarm That Walks, some Deskari lines were attributed to his Echo – fixed;
  • Fixed a bug in the dialogue with Venture-Captain Gristoff, in case of Hilor's death in chapter 5;
  • Hunting season is open! Now, all types of triceratops can also be skinned;
  • Kitsune in human form disappeared on area transition – fixed;
  • We have reworked the cost of the rods in accordance with the wishes of the merchant's guild – now the cheap ones are a little cheaper, and the expensive ones have become more expensive!
  • Fixed damage bonus calculation when Fighter's Finesse is used with Weapon Finesse (Mythic);
  • The Skeletal Salesman got in trouble with Alushinyrra tax collectors, and his basic assortment was reduced in quantity. However, he managed to conceal his true volume of goods—which means that rare and unique things remain available in full;
  • After finishing the Treasure of the Midnight Isles in the main campaign, the incorrect ending was shown – fixed.