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This is what is happening with the new DLC. I am at the final boss fight on the second set of Islands. This happened while I was in Act 4. I waited until Act 5 and the same problem is persisting.

I enter the final boss map for the second part of the DLC. There is no sound or music. I approach the alter and I see a couple of enemies before I get to the end.


I engage them in combat and I get spellcasters and golems joining the party.


Eventually even more join. Tons of summons appear.


Every character dies when their health goes to zero.

Eventually everybody dies and then there is nothing to loot, except a couple of bodies with minor equipment, and no way to leave the map. No exit, can't leave the way I came in.


Obviously this is a bug, has anyone experienced this? Know a way to fix it?

Many thanks for any help.

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Hello, have you reported this in-game with ALT+B key combination?

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Yes I did! 👍🏼

Happen to remember any text from the ticket so I can search for it in the database?