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I'm not the biggest fan of Pathfinders: there are bugs, balance is rickety, some things are bland, some features are redundant, lot of underdeveloped content and I'm too dumb to solve puzzles in no time but the games are a strong 7+/10 from me and I'm looking into next Owlcat's projects. Respectively: it seems that steam reviews share this sentiment.

So what is wrong with reviews and/or DLCs? Do they exist for TTRPG system's lovers solely or what? Should I try them if I like the games for their interactions, lore, dialogue trees, build variety etc?

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I really just want more solid adventures I can use my MC in but Owlcat is insistent on these weird dlc’s that either have a gimmick or don’t involve your character at all and I think it has hurt their sales.

I thought when they asked for dlc feedback on what they should do for WotR during the kickstarter that most ppl would voice similar opinions, especially after kingmaker’s similar styles dlc having mixed reviews, but maybe I’m in the minority. Maybe they just can’t afford to make beefier sized expansions, like The White March from Pillars of Eternity, which royally sucks because this world they’ve brought to life deserves these kinds of dlcs.

There will be more content for the main story in Season Pass 2. Stay tuned :)