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I've just about finished my fourth playthrough and I think its really time for me to get this off my chest. Overall I found that the VA in this game was absolutely stellar and some performances added such incredible weight and authenticity to certain characters and events that even upon repeated viewing, they don't fail to provoke some sort of emotional response out of me. Some of my favorites include the interactions between Staunton and Minagho throughout the first half of the game - just being able to hear the emotional straining and character nuances being delivered is just something I can't really do justice for in a reddit post.

The companions, side characters and a certain arch-demoness really stole the show for me. Of course, being a game of this length it wouldn't really be reasonable to expect full VA for the whole game without some severe compromises, but I did find it weird that some really emotional scenes or character intros lacked VA whereas other flavor focussed scenes did. One example that made me raise an eyebrow in my first playthrough was the introduction of a certain companion in act 3 (if you missed her in act 2). She has a lot to say, but the only voiced line at the end of that 30 min to hour-ish long mission was a "yes, lets go" after she agrees to be recruited. Up till that point I thought that she wasn't going to have a voice actress. I guess its also worth mentioning the ending slides - I suppose there's nothing really inherently wrong with it but having ending slides be silent and unvoiced just feels kind of wrong, especially when this is something that most other rpgs (and even Kingmaker) had.

All in all, whats being given here is great and it only makes me want more. I didn't want to mention too many specifics for spoiler reasons but there are so many good examples of powerful, moving and touching scenes carried almost entirely by voicework (and a great soundtrack). In short, the voice work that is in the game adds so much to the presence and personality of the stories being told that I would give anything for OwlCat to throw in more.

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We'd REALLY love to do more of the voiceovers! :(

And we're constantly being bombarded about VO in other languages, too, especially much so from our own country. Sadly, like people already pointed out, VOs are extremely expensive, and the amount of text in the game is staggering, so the budget simply can't handle it at this time :\ Trust me, it's torturous for our sound guys to choose what to voiceover, and what will have to remain silent. They'd really love for the world to always talk.

Don't lose hope though, more voiceovers are likely to be added in future as parts of DLCs or enhanced editions.

Also, some of the voiceovers may actually be missing currently because of the bugs. I think that's what happened to the certain companion's dialogue you're talking about: all dialogues are supposed to be either fully voiced or lack VO completely. There isn't supposed to be any partially-voiced dialogue except for a single occasion with Nocticula somewhere closer to the endgame. So if you notice something odd like this, do report it via ALT+B!

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Couldn't agree more. If they ever do an "enhanced edition," my main hope is that more voice acting gets added. Sometimes it's a little jarring to have a major character go from silent to voice acting or vice versa, it sometimes even happens mid-conversation.

If it happens mid-conversation, it's most likely a bug. Report it. And yeah, it's possible for more VO to be added in future as parts of DLCs or "enhanced editions".

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Could you please check if some camp interactions are supposed to be non-voiced? In Kingmaker every single camp interaction was voiced, so it was really weird having about 50% of them being not voiced.

Unfortunately it's intended. Budget constraints :(