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So /u/OwlcatStarrok, with the upcoming Enhanced Edition hype and Owlcat saying there will be a long support for the game, what is the possibility of having a simple AI scripting for characters? Maybe a Season 3 update roadmap? :D

I am thinking in line of Baldur's Gate 2 style scripting instead of Pillars Deadfire one. No need for fancy UI. Just an API to hook the script into the characters. Give us the documentation and off we go. In fact, maybe include scripting for monsters too.

Imagine the sadistic behaviors modders will come up with.

EDIT: Add examples from BG2 https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/scripting/actions/bgeeactions.htm


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Don't think there are any plans right now, but it's a topic to ponder on. We still have the proper Steam mod integration somewhere down the road first.