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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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A new patch 1.0.8d is ready.

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!


  • Daeran wouldn't show up to his not-a-date, because he was still drunk after his birthday party - fixed, now he'll make sure to sober up before such an important event;
  • During the final dialogue in the game, one of dialogue options could lead to a loop - fixed;
  • Fixed an error with the game not ending if Greybor died during The Price of Loyalty quest, when he was loyal to you;
  • Fixed incorrect reactivity in a dialogue with Anevia in chapter 5 after the summit;
  • Rapture of Rupture sometimes wouldn't complete after the death of Vellexia - fixed;
  • Sometimes a conversation with Vellexia wouldn't start during the Rapture of Rupture quest - fixed;
  • Sometimes in Nexus a dialogue with Hand of Inheritor wouldn't start - fixed;
  • The Last Steps quest sometimes wouldn't continue - fixed.


  • Berenguer would not appear in Drezen after joining the crusade - fixed;
  • Blackwater - assembling the Helm of Psionic Protection is no longer limited to one attempt;
  • Daeran could get stuck in the sitting animation in Nexus - fixed;
  • Ineluctable Prison - fixed an issue when Hepzamirah's ghost wouldn't disappear when you attempted to attack her;
  • It was possible to walk through one building at Kenabres market square - fixed;
  • Players could meet a tiefling on Kenabres square after the attack on Defender's Heart, if they previously killed him - fixed;
  • Skipping a cut-scene of using an elevator in the mines of Colyphyr could leave the party floating in the air - fixed, now you can't skip that cut-scene.


  • Abyssal Host status could stay when switching from Demon to another mythic path - fixed;
  • Added a button to hide the log;
  • After loading a save, upgrades could disappear from the projects Outpost to Bastion Expansion and Bastion to Fortress Expansion - fixed;
  • Enemy units were using healing abilities on squads with full health - fixed;
  • Leaders of enemy armies had incorrect names - fixed;
  • Magic Instructor feat now works according to its description;
  • Raising a Dragonslayer project now grants the correct item;
  • Summoned units used to appear without a visual effect - fixed;
  • Tactical battles wouldn't begin sometimes - fixed;
  • We redesigned the progress of filling the hospital and added a tooltip for the current hospital counter;
  • When the limit of units on the battlefield had been reached, then after using the summon ability a new creature would not not appear. Resolution: If the limit of units on the battlefield is reached, the general won't be able to use the summon ability, and a tooltip with a warning will appear;
  • You can bind a hotkey to turn on the Inspect feature for the units in tactical battles now;
  • You can now inspect a unit by hovering over its model;
  • You will be able to see damage above everyone who takes it now in tactical combat.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Oracle lost the Divine Zap orison after the previous patch - fixed;
  • Aeon Bane no longer dispels effects on enemies who were not affected by the spell due to spell resistance, immunities or other reasons;
  • Cognatogen — Wisdom gave a penalty without providing a buff -fixed;
  • Lich and Angel Mythic Paths get access to their 10th level spells now;
  • None of the last three summons for the Azata Mythic Path actually summoned the creatures they were supposed to summon - fixed;
  • Paladin, Ranger and Bloodrager had no spellbooks after 3rd level in some cases - fixed;
  • Sacred Armor — Fortification 25 ability had no description - fixed;
  • Sensei Advice: Mass Extra Attack ability had no name - fixed;
  • Shaken condition now can be removed during rest;
  • Kineticists couldn't dismiss area effects of infusions - fixed;
  • Warpriest Spontaneous Casting and its two sub-types didn't have any description - fixed.

Turn-based mode

  • Sometimes the game could crash when trying to charge while mounted - fixed.


  • Retraining made some features from items permanent - fixed;
  • Triceratops from Triceratops Statuette could become a permanent party member after retraining - fixed.


  • Sometimes the difficulty of skill checks was being displayed incorrectly - fixed;
  • Switching between spell books and party members in the spell book interface didn't keep the spell level - fixed;
  • Character's portrait disappears after the mythic level up - fixed.


  • Aivu could become medium sized again after growing large. Her growth should be more consistent now;
  • Area of effect spells and pits will now pause during the dialogs;
  • Fixed an issue with the physics of cloaks;
  • In rare cases a battle against Xanthir Vang could break - fixed. If this happened to you, you can return to the room where the battle took place, and it will continue;
  • Shamira used to rise from the dead after death - fixed.