It's monday and it's time to update the leaderboard!

As we can see, the weekend was rich with events:

- Amm0ni has successfully finished the game with 85:04 played and 132 quests completed! Will he be the winner, or someone else who is slower and steadier, will overcome his progress in the remaining weeks of the challenge?
- Gamer4fun2u has perished in Chapter 4, accidentally starting a fight with the whole Flesh Market and falling from the hand of Sarzaksys;
- OldManMordaith has made it to Chapter 5, with 103 quests complete, being the closest competitor to Amm0ni,

- HazvsRPG has entered Chapter 3 and became the first to pick Aeon's path in this challenge!

- Mortismal Gaming has made it to Chapter 4!

- Serwerty Gaming, WafflesMappleSyrup and HDHazmy make a steady progress, going forward!

Originally posted by Prospalzz

>Game completed with Azata.

Wonder what builds these people are using.

You can visit one of their streams, and we're planning interviews and articles with the top participants :)

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In Last Azlanti, you lose the ability to F5 F8 ?

In basic mechanics you still can quit before you die and return to a previous autosave, but even that is not allowed by the rules of the challenge itself. All decisions must be final, all battles must be played to completion :)