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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello, crusaders!

An update 2.3.3j is here!

  • A drunken master no longer can be lawful. A new game must be started for the change to take effect. Also, the player character can now choose the deity Cayden Cailean. Hoozaah!
  • Fixed bugs related to the operation of the Sable company marine archetype;
  • Fixed the issue with The Lord of Nothing DLC when the commander could get to an empty location Portal to the Abyss and get stuck after the start of the cutscene — please, read the instruction below.

If you are playing with mods, don’t forget to update them before loading your saves!

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to talk to the statue in the tower in the Lord of Nothing DLC even after the ritual quest was complete;
  • In Echo of Fury Arena in A Dance of Masks DLC, there is now a pause between the first and second fight so that the party has time to prepare;
  • It was not possible to get the unique book Laboratory Journal of Xanthir Vang, 4712 in Dresen's dungeon, which gives a bonus — fixed;
  • In the Razmir Palace in A Dance of Masks DLC, it was possible to provoke cultists standing below to fight by sitting on the balcony without being able to attack them — fixed;
  • Presentation of mythical tricks on stage in A Dance of Masks DLC could incorrectly work out and stop before time — fixed;
  • Fixed a bug in A Dance of Masks DLC where the body of a previously slain Wenduag could appear in the air;
  • Fixed an invisible wall in the Midnight Fane, which prevented from entering the portal;
  • In A Dance of Mask DLC a cutscene with Wenduag could freeze if she spared one of the NPCs - fixed;
  • Commander and companions were glowing pink when entering Iz — fixed;
  • The location of some exits from locations in The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC were hidden too well from players and could disappear — fixed;
  • Yaniel intervened prematurely in the battle in Drezen Citadel and could have been killed — fixed;
  • Fixed a bug in Drezen where a defeated Drimo from A Dance of Masks DLC could appear in the throne room and stay there.
  • Dagger of the Betrayer now buff additional 2 DC to fused spells;
  • Fixed the description for the Plague of Madness;
  • Sawtooth Saber was missing from the Rogue's Finesse Training list — fixed.
Classes & Mechanics
  • The Greater Carnivorous Crystal in the Colyphyr Mines now splits into two Carnivorous Crystals with the correct amount of health.
  • Corpse Blast ability now works correctly after loading and can select corpses;
  • The spell sheets for the Ice Subdomain and Water domain now display correctly;
  • Divine Hunter (Hunter archetype) now correctly gains access to the Ice and Undead subdomains. The gods took pity on us!
  • One of the cultists cosplayed the commander too well in A Dance of Masks DLC and had mythic feats — fixed;
  • Fixed Oracle Living Deity revelation Bonded Mount progression;
  • In a romantic scene with Ulbrig, player character could end up in an inaccessible part of the location - fixed;
  • Golden dragon can now select feats from A Dance of Masks DLC as a bonus feat;
  • Shamans now function correctly with new metamagic;
  • Deceiver's fused spells did not benefit from all the descriptors correctly - fixed;
  • The mythic ability "Corruptor" now interacts correctly with the spells "Cloudkill" and "Stinking Cloud";
  • Some players couldn't rest on Azata island. This was due to the incorrect functioning cutscene. We have fixed the cutscene itself and now it should not interfere with resting on the location. New walkthrough should not cause this bug. For those players who have already encountered this problem and still cannot rest, we have prepared a fix that will trigger an alternative rest option, quick rest through screen darkening;
  • Dragon Form Green on lower levels didn't become permanent for Master Shapeshifter - fixed;
  • Pet progression for some archetypes was lagging 1 level behind the character — fixed. Now you can go from level 3 to level 4 again;
  • A drunken master no longer can be lawful. A new game must be started for the change to take effect. Also, the player character can now choose the deity Cayden Cailean. Hoozaah!
  • Bloodseeker abilities that spend blood points are now considered supernatural;
  • Spell combat could be turned off after loading a savefile - fixed;
  • Crusader's edge spell nausea/sickened effect took affect not only on critical hits as described in spell description, but on regular hits as well - fixed;
  • Cavalier's supreme charge now correctly stacks with other mounted charge abilities;
  • Barbarian's Rage Power "Come and Get Me" is now correctly displayed in the game logs;
  • The Animate Dead spell now summons the correct number of skeletons;
  • New Elk charges now work correctly;
  • A debuff, applied at the Drezen Citadel, could be re-applied incorrectly - fixed;
  • Drunken Master couldn't use the Mallander's Penance correctly - fixed;
  • Lawful inquisitor of a Living Grimoire archetype received incorrect infusion instead of Axiomatic - fixed;
  • Kinetic Sharpshooter abilities now work not only with bows and crossbows, but also with projectile weapons;
  • After changing the companions roster at the arena from The Dance of Masks DLC, some companions could stuck in incorrect places - fixed;
  • Fixed bugs related to the operation of the Sable company marine archetype:
    - Sable company marine ranged attacks performed as part of the Flying Attack ability caused Attack of Opportunity from the enemies — fixed;
    - attacks performed as part of the "Attack in Flight" ability were not considered as charge attacks — fixed;
    - The Strongest Wings ability can now be used not only by a hippogriff, but also by a rider sitting on a hippogriff. There is now no need to switch to the hippogriff every time in combat (which was impossible in turn-based mode on consoles). Applying the ability still uses the hippogriff's main action;
  • Extra Feat from Mythic Feat Selection now contains all the new feats;
  • Mantis Zealot's ability Deadly Fascination now only works in combat;
  • Mask Golem might not explode after death as they should — fixed;
  • Sorcerer can now select new metamagic feats as bonus feats;
  • Smilodon Grab ability no longer causes errors and game crushes;
  • The Bloodseeker archetype could pick gods incompatible with his worldview when character creation — fixed;
  • Items and feats that increase Ki pool now correctly increase Drunken Master's Ki pool;
  • A drunken master no longer can be lawful. A new game must be started for the change to take effect. Also, the player character can now choose the deity Cayden Cailean. Hoozaah!
  • Fixed an issue that caused a mount to not always make an attack during "Charge Attack" and other charge attack issues. Now, a charge attack, regardless of whether the mount or rider uses it, is always a single attack that receives the appropriate bonuses. If the rider makes a rush attack while the rider is holding a ranged weapon, the rider makes a full attack without the charge bonuses;
  • Fixed bugs regarding the Inquisitor Living Grimoire archetype. Cunning Initiative ability was incorrectly given at level 2 — fixed. Some archetype abilities were calculated from Wisdom instead of Intellect - fixed;
  • Teamwork Feat deleted from the buff's list after death — fixed;
  • The Inciter's ability Hit a Nerve now correctly removes defense penalties and ability restrictions from Inspired Rage;
  • Mythic Buckler — Flying Shield Style now works correctly;
  • Living Deity can now select Impossible Domain (at 20-th level) and Second Mystery mythic feats;
  • Raging Brutality now correctly calculates damage;
  • Cavalier Charge now apply correct bonus and penalty to charge;
  • Spirited Charge and Spear charge buffs apply its damage multiplayer at mounted charge.
  • Icons and descriptions have been added for the Trickster ability "Perception 3 rank";
  • The Magic Deceiver archetype couldn't delete created spells from their spellbook — fixed;
  • Fixed the description for the ring Unbreakable Bond;
  • The bloodragers had the name of a hag bloodline missing - fixed;
  • The Sable Company Marine archetype now has the Hippogriff's Flying Attack ability on the quick access bar.
  • Mantis Zealot's Aspect of the Mantis ability has gotten a visual upgrade — red mantis stings;
  • In A Dance of Masks DLC, in the cutscene where the commander could play musical instruments, you could pass through character models and textures — fixed;
  • Some Mongrels were displayed incorrectly and looked like ordinary humans — fixed.
  • Improved performance in the bedroom attack scene on the Commander;
  • Players who encountered a problem with The Lord of Nothing DLC when commander could get to an empty location Portal to the Abyss and get stuck after the start of the cutscene, in which the control was taken away from the player. This issue occurs due to a bug in transferring a save from The Lord of Nothing DLC company (team with Sendri, Rekarth and Penta) to the main game.
    Because of this the game could not read the ending of The Lord of Nothing DLC company and could not give the corresponding storyline for the commander.
    We have prepared an update and instructions for you to fix the bug. If you encountered this problem while already on the location Portal to the Abys" and passed it from beginning to end then:
    1. It is better to use an earlier save from the main game, right after entering the location or before it.
    2. After loading the problematic save you will see a window with the transfer of the save.
    3. Please select your save from the list of saves made in the final The Lord of Nothing DLC, where you played as Penta and Sendri, and confirm your choice.
    !Otherwise the error will not be fixed!
    4. If the transfer the save is successful - you will be able to continue your passage of the DLC as a commander.
    5. If transferring the save does not yield any results, please send us a new error message in the game by pressing Alt+B (this will help a lot in solving this problem).
    How do I know if the save transfer was successful?
    1. If you are on the global map near the location Portal to the Abyss or already on it, but only at the very beginning and have not yet had time to go further, then entering it you will not break the cutscene, which shows the portal itself and those who guard it.
    2. If you are closer to Drezen, you can enter the tavern and to the right of the entrance, by the fireplace, you can see your party from the addition (if any of them survived).
    We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. You're awesome!
  • Fixed bugs in dialogs in A Dance of Masks DLC;
  • The descriptions for the Storyteller's items are now displayed correctly;
  • In A Dance of Masks DLC, a bookevent for Swarm-That-Walks now works correctly;
  • A randewoo with evil Arueshalae during the events of A Dance of Masks DLC will drain levels from the player character;
  • The game could freeze when making the final screenshot for A Dance of Masks DLC - fixed;
  • If a player had no active romances, they were teleported to Kenabres on every load after completing A Dance of Masks DLC — fixed;
  • Fixed the description of the Enhance the Holy Book — Bane ability.