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Originally posted by Haldalkin

How do I put this into words...

I'm still definitely coming back to the game for the EE. I am still looking forward to putting several new playthroughs I've drafted through the game and experiencing some of the new stuff and QoL.

However, I don't see what the purpose of this AMA was? And I mean that with 0 malice. I don't make a habit of dumping on this game or company, one can check my post history if they feel so inclined. I'm just confused. I went over there and after about 10 minutes left thinking "they've covered all this and there don't seem to be any additional surprises." The vast majority of people were just told no, or that there weren't any plans and this was across an immense array of questions.

We don't promise what we can't do - resources are limited and there's only so much we can add.

However, you should take a closer look at some of the announcements and explanations that have been made there, looks like you've missed them. For example the reforging feature that comes in EE - an ability to give one item an appearance of another. That's a biggie. Or the fact that we're working on a set of new mythic feats that are going to address solid problems such as weakness of armor AC in comparison with avoidance tanking. Or a feat to repair poison-based classes such as Assassin against demons.

Aside of that, the main purpose of the AMA is of course, communication. For you to hear us and learn new details about design and creation of our games, and for us to hear you and your concerns.

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Originally posted by Steravian

New Mythic feats sounds very cool. Will it be DLC material or update material?

Most likely in one of the patches.

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Originally posted by Falsum

I don't mean to be hostile, but I am a little frustrated. Things like reforging and picture mode are cool and all, but was there honestly more demand for those than MP improvements?

I understand it can be frustrating, especially if your mythic was touched less than others and you feel let down. It's very frustrating to us as well to have our creativity limited by time and budget constraints, especially when things end up cut because they don't fit into the frames.

However as a game developer you always have to keep a certain level of healthy pragmatism. Universal features such as UI improvements, are going to be seen and used by most of the players of the game. Changes to a single mythic, especially among the late ones, are going to be seen by a single digit percentage of players. Sad but true. And sometimes it's ALSO surprisingly more expensive to give content to a mythic path than design a UI feature.

TLDR: Yes, the combination of pros and cons makes these features more prioritized. It doesn't mean we don't want to go for more MP content, but often we have to choose and set priorities. We're trying to keep a healthy balance.

Here's hope we'll be able to revisit it later if the game continues its life cycle. So far so good.

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Originally posted by Fire_is_beauty

One mythic power that let's you poison anything that's neither machine nor undead. Is it too much to ask ?

If you read the AMA intently - addressing this issue is on the list for near future:)

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Originally posted by Ok_Comfortable589

the new feats sound intriguing, go on. Is there a estimated time we can expect them like next dlc?

My personal guess would be within nearest months. That's more of my personal expectation/prediction than a set date, but usually I am decent at predicting these.

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Originally posted by Falsum

I can understand that reasoning, accounting for all the variables I get that MP content is difficult, yea it's just frustrating.

Also, I would much rather pay for dlc that did nothing but adds to MP, than I would for a stand alone continuation of a stand alone dlc. Since I didn't buy the Ashes DLC, there's almost a guarantee that I would not buy a continuation, I know I'm just speaking for myself here, but I think there may be some shared sentiments. Thought I'd throw that in there since I've already given my 2 cents, 2 more couldn't hurt

Different parts of our audience have different tastes and it's natural. Through the Ashes is worth checking and a lot of people call it a good refreshing change of pace, but as a single story lover as well, I get your feelings there.

Overall, we're seeing a lot of demand for Commander-oriented content and integration, and we're of course taking this into account, including our plans for Season Pass 2. There will also be an interesting survey soon related to this, but shhh, I haven't told you anything.

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Originally posted by wnesha

Yeah, same here... although on the other hand, the vast majority of people being told no isn't especially surprising because it's been the same requests being made since launch, and Owlcat was always really clear that certain things - ratfolk, more Mythic Paths, romances with other party members - were off the table. So of course the answers to those questions is still "no".

Aside from that, it's mainly questions about specific bugs, and Gold Dragon - which they clearly already know is a shitty situation and they can't do anything about it right now. Definitely not things that called for an AMA

Some of the things in your list may not be as impossible as you think them to be. Time will tell :)

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Originally posted by anth9845

I swear I saw a patch note a few weeks ago saying they added ratfolk. Am I losing my mind?

That was an april fools joke. Amount of ratfolk supporters appearing after that gives food for thought, though.

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Originally posted by DudeMemeLmao

Imo, it was a huge mistake in hyping up this AMA and EE for that matter. I think it's more of a marketing thing to get people to buy it when it goes on sale (which I assume it will, when EE comes out). Another huge issue was just calling this EE, while I appreciate the UI changes, nothing here really makes me want to get really deep into another campaign. I have a feeling the developers probably know this already and were told to but regardless they seem to be fumbling the AMA pretty darn hard. Also it's just baffling that some classes are just getting zero touch ups. I would of been very excited if there was a huge balance changes for some classes like Assassin but not even that. A class that is virtually unplayable since launch gets zero attention.

It wasn't. The first and primary purpose of AMA is communication, from you to us and from us to you. We get to hear your feedback, concerns and key issues, you get to hear stories from development, specific details about our games, explanations of incoming features and glimpses of how it was, and what's to come next.

Here I explained some more: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pathfinder\_Kingmaker/comments/xpk0c2/comment/iq596id/?utm\_source=reddit&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3

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Originally posted by Caelinus

A new mythic path seems on par with the effort of adding turn based mode to kingmaker.

I was responding specifically to this statement.

That said, I also think any significant fleshing out of a mythic path would be more more expensive than adding in turn based mode, simply by virtue of the fact that it would require more people working on it. You might be able to just add in a few extra phrases or abilities easily, but new story paths or story would have all the same problems as adding in a new full path.

You've nailed it pretty well there, I don't have much to add.

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Originally posted by Steravian

So it looks like adding a new Mythic path to the game would be too expensive, right?

Why not try to open another Kickstarter and tell how much money it would cost to add a new Mythic path? If enough people agreed to pay to make it possible then it would be added (for free for backers) while those who did not pay would have to pay it as a DLC while paying the equivalent of what a standard DLC for WotR costs.

Wouldn't it be possible? So many seem to wish/ask for more Mythic paths that the chance of there being enough fans that would be open to that idea does not sound so unlikely.

Let's put it this way. That is a wanted feature, you know it, we know it. It has been discussed multiple times within the studio. There are people who are ready to work on it.

But no final decision has been taken yet and this is the main concern: besides the obvious problems with story integration (it's very packed as it is) for a potential new mythic path, estimated development cost for it would be worth 2 or even 3 DLCs at once.

To fit that into one DLC means either making it 2-3x more expensive (which isn't something we're enthusiastic about from marketing point of view) or giving it very limited content and quality.

This is the reason why it's unlikely. Hope this gives an idea.

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Originally posted by Steravian

Thank you very much for this explanation!

Maybe you could make some another survey where you could ask the fans what Mythic paths they would be most interested in and whether they would be willing to pay 2-3x more money for it than for a standard DLC.

Perhaps another way to gauge interest for that would be to add a DLC page for it on Steam with the expected price and see how many would wishlist it. Or preorder it.

To me Mythic paths were easily the most alluring element of the game and I wouldn't mind paying for it more than 2-3x for a regular DLC to extend further this great experience.

Either way thanks a lot for what you already did and looking forward to EE tomorrow!

We're planning a survey related to this soon, yes.

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Originally posted by Generic_Snowflake

Leaving my feedback here as well, I am happy for the feats that will support armor and poison, though can't say I care at all for things such as photo mode and cosmetic reforging. I would appreciate these in a very different kind of game genre (e.g. social, mmo etc), but not here, personally.

As for the matter of resources, I am sure the average redditor understands that adding new MP content is very expensive since things that have to be added (assets, writing, quest branching etc) tend to snowball.

The thing is, I believe that even minor feat tweaks, or a feat addition here and there, can have the same effect as adding tons of new content for us players, because it enables new interesting and viable ways to go through the wealth of content and branching that is already there. The armor/poison feats are a good example of this.

We acknowledge that, and we are doing that. Feats are just one of the examples, if you look closely, there was a good handful of minor features or tweaks that were added based on community feedback over the lifetime of the game.

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