We still really need player videos with the freezing lockpicking bug to help us deal with it. It's very important for it to be a long video so that we see all the actions in the 5-10 minutes before the bug. Just upload it to youtube or elsewhere and let me know.

Originally posted by jeebusjunior

Looks like a solid patch, Thank you!

I must admit though that the first thing I did was scan through the 'Visual' section in hopes of seeing 'texture quality improvements'.

Any progress on this? Has work started or is the team still focused on bugs?

We're starting after publishing this update. Don't have any estimations yet, but I'll be keeping you guys updated on it.

Originally posted by SmellyBabaYaga

The journal could suddenly open in turn-based mode after finishing the turn - fixed;

Tooltips and windows no longer open behind other windows;

Character cards in the character selection menu no longer duplicate

Yesssssss, I'm so happy about this.

Yup, these were among the most annoying issues.

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