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Big thanks to Owlcat for creating this title. One need to have a courage to create such a complex game which (I feel) is aimed for vereran players of the genre and can scare new players off. My first playthrough which I completed yesterday took me almost 160 hours and I had a great time, some ups and downs but generally the experience was very enjoyable. Numbers of choices I could have made and could have done was incredible. I'm not sure if I'm up for a 2nd run yet, but I can only imagine all the other decisions I could have made instead, all the companions I could have interacted with and quests finished.

I started my CRPG journey with DND 3.5 years ago, travelled back into the past to BG2/PST/ICWND. For years after that I was afraid that CRPGs will be gone as no new titles were developed. Then, Pillars of Eternity were created and other similar games like Tyranny, Torment Numenera and Pathfinder Kingmaker. These days one have a bundle of solid CRPG games to from and can wait for a release of BG3, no matter how different it's going to be than BG1/2.

Kingmaker wasn't the best. I had some issues with that game, especially the castle management which I really hated. I was quite sceptical about the WoTR. However, after finishing it yesterday, I can well and truly say ,that the game was amazing and was I'd be happy to play more titles like those in the future. The game isn't ideal and there are things which could have gone better, but overally I'd say the game went into a good direction. Crusade management was far better this time and HOMM's mini battles were quite good as well!

Once again thank you for producing it, this game will stay in my warm regards forever.

PS. If you enjoyed WoTR I will recommend you NWN2 Mask of the Betrayer - I feel the game is not as popular as it should be. It also has its issues but the game was almost quite as epic as this one, character upgrades to lvls 20+ is also included, and mini maxing is well rewarded. On top of that the storyline is truly a masterpiece.

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Passed the regards to the dev team :)

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