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I have been now playing on unfair and somewhat been recording rolls (1s and 20s only)

after 40hours of playtime, I have come to a following observation; My characters seem to be rolling more 1s than 20s. about 30% more 1s.

I began recording these because as I used Camellias hexes that allows and forces rerolls, I noticed that my guys often rolled double singles in a row, while enemies often bybassed protective luck by rolling double 20s

Overall I also FEEL, that my characters tend to be rolling under 10 most of the time, though I can often hit with 5+ so its not a huge issue, but as I have not made any recordings on the matter, I cannot say if its really the case or just confirmation bias.

Any thoughts?

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I can confirm that rolls are fully random (as much as a digital random number generator can be random), and difficulty levels or other factors don't affect it in any way. Game doesn't favour neither the enemy nor the player.

Probability is a funny thing. If I hadn't personally seen my friend roll 30 4+'s out of 30 dice in a 40k game, I probably wouldn't believe it.