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Originally posted by Ranadiel

Wasn't Sink or Swim added in 1.4.3? Oh well here's to a new patch to enjoy.

... and no new bugs for you Starrok! :P

Some part of it squeezed in earlier, now it has full functionality I believe.

And... I'm almost offended!

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Originally posted by Sikosh

Pinging /u/OwlCatStarrok , can you clarify please?

Yep, apparently it slipped out of the patch notes by mistake.

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Originally posted by zera_bloodwinter

Wow....what an odd yet unnecessary change.

I checked with the gamedesign team, they kept receiving hundreds of reports from people pointing that this was an exploit. After a while they decided to fix it.

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Originally posted by Alilatias

Rhetorical question since this seems to be rather controversial, how feasible would it be to have the former elemental weapon interaction split into its own mythic ability with a cap of triggering once per attack?

I don't think so. Too niche.

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Originally posted by astroK120

If I can give you some feedback, please consider deciding on something like this earlier if possible. I get that it was pretty cheesy--I actually agree this is how it should have been in the first place--but this is pretty late in the game to be making changes that completely invalidate some builds. And it's not like it's some weird niche case--it's a very common build suggestion here, and I see it brought up all the time. So that means two things: people are going to have their builds broken at a point where I think it would be pretty reasonable to assume that things were... stable is probably too strong a word, but not likely to change dramatically. Second, it means that there is over a year's worth of internet content that recommend something that's not functional. The major sites will probably update their stuff, but I get tons of build advice from reddit posts I find via Google, and people doing the same will likely have no idea that what they're looking at is no longer valid. Again, it's one thing if this were just from beta or a month or two post-release, but at this stage? There's a looot.

Secondly, please try to get this stuff in the patch notes. I know it was a mistake, but based on the volume you had to know this was going to be a major issue for a lot of players. It merits double checking.

Hopefully that doesn't come across as too harsh. I really appreciate you being here and interacting with the fans and I actually do like that you continue to improve the game, including with balance tweaks! I just think in this particular case it was the wrong move.

No worries, your position is absolutely understandable. It's our bad for not including it in the patchnotes.

As for the rest - the game is still not finished and continues to be updated with more content being produced and old content being repaired and fixed where it's possible. It's a slow process but it's going on (and we'd like to look at balance issues in Crusade too for example).

While I understand it can be annoying for builds and guides to become obsolete, the game has to move forward and give a better experience for the newcomers. If you wish to play with the previous build, you may always choose to stay on an earlier stable version (1.3.7d) or use mods to alter your gameplay to your preferences.

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Originally posted by Darksteelgamer

EB was pretty widely regarded as the strat for a new comer to not tear their hair out and actually finish the game (which i still haven't done). While we are still on the topic of newcomer friendliness, have you masochists actually ever played your own game? Why do I feel like the rng is a spiteful killer dm who want's to wipe the whole party rather than deliver a fun experience. Buffs should put you ahead of the curve not be required for completion. NOT to say I dont use buffs, i do. So why am I still reloading half a dozen times on encounters like playful darkness? You know why I could go on like this for hours with no clear direction but I'm going to move on. You people are high.

I've personally finished the game on Core as Angel. About half of it on Hard (After act 3 I decided that I didn't want to minmax as much as it was required on Hard). Most of developers also finished the game in one or another way. Don't worry :)

The primary intended experience for the game is Normal difficulty. It can be completed with minimal buffing. Core is the next milestone for the people wanting a bigger challenge. Higher level of difficulties are there for people who have an in-depth knowledge of the system and know what to expect.

Playful Darkness is a special boss. It is the hardest encounter in the game in terms of level/enemy power ratio. It's designed exactly like that to be an optional challenge, a test of player abilities, a measurement of progress, and a meme of sorts. It is not required to complete the game.

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