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" Balawhite wrote: My game almost never crashed before and today when i was going to 5way carry my game crashes once in every 2 runs and i dont understand why. Ive changed settings, reinstalled the game, changed the renderer changed the server and nothing worked

" AiSatan wrote: Same, but in maps, I got a few different errors and always crash, tried with vulkan / dx12 nothing helps, last one here:


but they all different, for example, this one then I got to the harvest (after reload it was fine):

Error loading type Metadata/Effecvs/Spells/monsters_effects/LeagueHarvest/monster_plants/scale/tier_01/scale_tier01_03
"Metadata/Effecvs/Spells/monsters_effects/LeagueHarvest/monster_plants/scale/tier_01/scale_tier01_03": Error: Metadata/Effecvs/Spells/monsters_effects/LeagueHarvest/monster_plants/scale/tier_01/scale_tier01_03.ao is non-virtual and does not have a physical file

We actually deployed a patch today which should have fixed these problems. Please do let us know if that is not the case, cheers.