Equip your exile to soar through Wraeclast or show off the latest fashion of capes as we have a huge sale on Wings and Back Attachments this weekend! Check out the full list of sales by pressing M in-game.

Things aren't always black and white, but the Alabaster Gargoyle Wings create a striking contrast. Match them with the Black and White Armour Pack and the White Weapon to create a majestic monochromatic marvel.

If you need some extra points to take advantage of this sale, check out the new Necropolis Supporter Packs by pressing M in-game.

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16 Apr

In today's news post, we sat down with community content creator CatmasterOP, who you might know from his Fated Connections podcast! Check out the interview in today's news post! Check out the interview below!

Hi CatmasterOP, thank you for taking part in the interview! Please introduce yourself. Hi everyone, I’m CatmasterOP but most people just use “cat” as my nickname. I do a variety of Path of Exile content. Most people know me for hosting the Fated Connections podcast where my cohost BalorMage and I talk to many different creators and players in the Path of Exile space and discuss the latest additions to the game quite passionately.

When did you first get into Path of Exile? I made my account way back in early 2013 already when I first saw the game on wingsofdeathx’s stream. Being early allowed me to secure my “Catmaster” account name. But it wasn’t before late 2014 that I actually downloaded the game and fully started getting into it with two friends. By th... Read more

15 Apr

Join us live on {LINK REMOVED}Twitch on April 15th at 2PM PDT, where Game Director Jonathan Rogers and Josh Strife Hayes will discuss Path of Exile 2. We hope to see you there!

If you’ve missed any of the recent Path of Exile 2 Podcasts you can find them below:
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12 Apr

This weekend, we're having a sale on a huge selection of Skill Effects, so now's your chance to impress Undertaker Arimor by sending monsters to the Necropolis in style! Take a look at the selection of discounts by pressing M in game. The sale ends at 6PM April 15th PDT.

Manifest your own miracles with the Merchant Blink and Mirror Arrow Effect and Merchant Aura Effect! Match them with the Merchant Armour Pack and add the final Midas touch with the Gold Treasure Hunter Weapon Effect.

If you need some extra points to take advantage of this sale, check out the new Necropolis Supporter Packs!

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09 Apr

In today's news post, we're showing off some art from the Necropolis League as well as Concept Art from the new Kirac's Vault Pass! Check them out below.

Albus Arimor

Mischievous Hawker Armour Set (Challenge Rewards)

Ghost Veil Armour Set ({LINK REMOVED}Kirac's Vault Pass)

07 Apr

We had a lot of fun putting together the marketing material for Path of Exile: Necropolis, but things don't always work out perfectly in the first take. Check out some of the bloopers in the video below! Please note that this video contains profanity.

05 Apr

This weekend we’re running a Stash Tab Sale! You can view the full selection of discounted tabs by pressing M in game. The Stash Tab sale ends at 6PM April 8th (PDT)

If you’re missing points for the sale, be sure to check out the new Solar and Eldritch Supporter Packs!

Have a great weekend, Exiles.

03 Apr

It's been a while since we showcased the talent of our community, so in today's news post we've gathered some recent highlights to share with you. Check them out!

Malachai the Nightmare by Temmaru via {LINK REMOVED}Forums

Gneiss, Old Field by lolozori via {LINK REMOVED}Forums

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{LINK REMOVED}We recently announced some improvements to the Necropolis league that we've been working on. Many of these changes will be coming in patch 3.24.0b, which we're planning to release later today. Check out the patch notes preview below.

3.24.0b Patch Notes

  • This patch contains improvements to Necropolis Area to Area or Map to Map gameplay as well as improvements to Grave-Crafting detailed in our recent news post. We've also made some improvements to Tier 17 Maps, and fixed an issue that caused characters to feel "glidy".
Necropolis Improvements and Changes

  • Added the ability to itemise corpses as they drop, and through the Morgue User Interface. Itemising corpses...
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01 Apr

Over the weekend we launched Path of Exile: Necropolis and have been closely monitoring feedback ever since. In this news post, Mark overviews a number of changes and improvements to the Necropolis League we're currently working on.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the feedback and bingo cards.

To get straight to the point of the improvements to the league, here's what we're currently doing today in the studio. Our hope is to get each change out as soon as it is ready.

Area to Area or Map to Map gameplay:
  • We will be allowing you to itemise corpses as they drop, so you can choose to collect the corpse or itemise it for free. As a result itemising corpses in all contexts will now be free, as opposed to the 1 Chaos Orb it currently costs.
  • Each of the downsides from area to area will now display the increase to the amount of Collectable Corpses and Allflame Embers they cause.
  • We will be increasing the amo...
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30 Mar

We've just released the Necropolis Mystery Box, a new mystery box without duplicate microtransactions! Each of the microtransactions in this mystery box has visual behaviour that interacts with your gameplay. Check out the contents of the box in the video below!

There are 22 microtransactions that you can find in the Necropolis Mystery Box. Each of these microtransactions has a varying number of thematic variations, and you'll never receive a duplicate copy of a variation that you have already opened. For example, if you open one variant of a microtransaction, you may later receive another variant, but you'll never get a duplicate! Check out the full details at {LINK REMOVED}

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29 Mar

We have released a new version of Kirac's Vault Pass! This league's pass can be purchased with points and also has a free track available. Its premium track contains a new exclusive armour set and some mystery boxes.

Free Track The free track of Kirac's Vault rewards you with Kirac Missions, as well as items such as Scouting Reports, a Conqueror Map and an Inscribed Ultimatum for completing bonus objectives of maps in Path of Exile's endgame. You can complete it once in each Necropolis league you play, such as Necropolis or Hardcore Necropolis. The free track does not grant items in Ruthless modes or Private Leagues.

You'll earn your first reward upon completing your first map bonus objective. You'll earn additional rewards by completing sets of map bonus objectives while exploring your Atlas. If you complete the bonus objectives of all 115 maps, ... Read more

27 Mar

In the Necropolis League, you'll be able to earn pieces of the exclusive Mischievous Hawker Armour Set by completing 40 new challenges. At 4, 8, 12 and 16 challenges, you'll receive the Mischievous Hawker Boots, Gloves, Body Armour, and Helmet respectively.

Additional tiers of this armour set are unlocked as you complete more challenges in the Necropolis League. Completing challenges also grants you pieces of the Necropolis Totem Pole Hideout decoration!

In Ruthless, you will receive the full Mischievous Hawker Armour Set at 2 challenges, and each challenge completed after that will upgrade pieces of the set with the entire set fully upgraded once 8 challenges are completed.

In the Necropolis expansion, we've introduced several new Skill, Support, and Transfigured Gems and made some changes to existing ones. As usual, we've prepared the gem data at level 20 with 20% quality for all new and changed gems to help you theorycraft your builds for the upcoming launch.

Check them out in the forum post on our website, which you can find by clicking {LINK REMOVED}here.

26 Mar

This Tuesday March 26th at 2PM (PDT), Mark Roberts will join Zizaran live on his {LINK REMOVED}Twitch channel to discuss the upcoming Necropolis Expansion. We hope to see you there!

If you haven’t already, check out the {LINK REMOVED}announcement page and content reveal below.

25 Mar

To help you get ready for the launch of Path of Exile: Necropolis, we've prepared all the Item Filter information you need in this news post.

If you're not sure what to do with this information, don't worry! We'll update Path of Exile's built-in item filter alongside the launch of Necropolis.

New Items
Item Class: Belt
  • Mechanical Belt
Item Class: Stackable Currency
  • Veiled Scarab
  • Empty Coffin (does not drop)
  • Filled Coffin (does not drop)
Item Class: Map Fragments
  • Cosmic Fragment
  • Decaying Fragment
  • Awakening Fragment
  • Synthesising Fragment
  • Reality Fragment
  • Devouring Fragment
  • Blazing Fragment
  • Breach Scarab
  • Breach Scarab of the Dreamer
  • Breach Scarab of Lordship
  • Breach Scara...
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Join us live on {LINK REMOVED}Twitch on March 25th at 12PM PDT, where Game Director Jonathan Rogers and Talkativetri will discuss Path of Exile 2. We hope to see you there!

If you’ve missed any of the recent Path of Exile 2 Podcasts you can find them below:
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22 Mar

50 Point Sale This weekend we’re running a 50 point sale with a huge assortment of cosmetic microtransactions available for 50 points or less! The sale includes Skill Effects, Pets, Hideout Decorations and many more! Check out the full list of specials by pressing M in game.

The 50 Point Sale will run from the time of this post until 5PM March 25 (PDT)

Get a Free Affliction Mystery Box When You Spend Points Until the launch of Path of Exile: Necropolis, we’re offering one free Affliction Mystery Box when you spend any amount of points in the store. This means you can purchase a discounted cosmetic effect or any other microtransaction from the store and receive one Affliction Mystery Box as a gift from us. If you’ve already unlocked every item from the Affliction Mystery Box, you'll receive 2x Midnight Pact Mystery Boxes instead! The offer is available on both PC and Consoles.

Please note: It’s only possible to get one free Affliction Mystery Box from ... Read more

21 Mar

We're excited to bring you the announcements from GGG Live! In this news post we've put together links to everything that is being announced during the {LINK REMOVED}livestream. We'll be updating this news post for your reference as the livestream progresses.


... Read more

19 Mar

The Trial of the Ancestors Supporter Packs will soon be leaving the store forever, so be sure to get yours before they're gone!

When the Affliction League ends next week, the current items available in Kirac's Vault Pass will be sealed away forever and replaced with new, exclusive cosmetic effects alongside the launch of the Necropolis expansion. Check out the Cursebringer Armour Set in the video below.

We'll be announcing the new Necropolis Supporter Packs that will be replacing the Trial of the Ancestors Supporter Packs at GGG Live. Tune in to {LINK REMOVED} on M... Read more