In Path of Exile: Scourge, we've halved the number of regions in the Atlas and made each Atlas Passive Tree slightly larger to streamline the Atlas of Worlds endgame. Today, we've gathered up the Atlas Passive Trees for the 3.16 expansion to help you plan your endgame progress! Please note, you'll still receive the same amount of Atlas Passive skill points as before.

For a full written list of all Atlas Passives, please {LINK REMOVED}click here.


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15 Oct

50 Point Sale We are running a 50 Point Sale with a massive variety of cosmetic effects available for only 50 points or less; including Skill Effects, Pets, Hideout Decorations and many more! Check out the full list of specials {LINK REMOVED}here.

The 50 Point Sale will run from the time of this post until October 18th 8pm PDT.

In case you need points for this sale, we recommend checking out our new {LINK REMOVED}Scourge Supporter Packs!

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14 Oct

On October 14th at noon PDT, we'll reveal the full details of our upcoming Scourge expansion via an exclusive livestream. This post contains everything you need to know before the livestream starts.

Before we get started, make sure you check out the teaser video below!

What time does it start? The livestream will start at noon PDT on October 14th. If in doubt, check out the countdown on the front page of our website.

What can I expect? We'll start the livestream by revealing the trailer for Path of Exile: Scourge followed by a deep dive into all of the new content and features that are being introduced in the expansion.

Following the reveals, ZiggyD will join Chris Wilson live for a Q&A with questions from Twitch chat. The entire livestream, including the Q&A, will most likely be just over ... Read more

12 Oct

Alongside introducing other forms of {LINK REMOVED}uber endgame content, Path of Exile: Scourge also changes the way players access the Eternal Labyrinth.

Problems: Finding all six Trials of Ascendancy often took a very large number of maps. Assuming players were playing alone, it averaged to around 150 maps to find them all, but could be much more if players were unlucky. By this point, players were often over-levelled for the content and were starting to encounter difficult-enough endgame content where the extra Ascendancy skills were sorely needed. This problem would be further exacerbated by the reduction in Atlas size taking place in the Scourge expansion.

We recently added a means to open random Trials of Ascendancy in the Map Device by con... Read more

11 Oct

Early next year, we will release our 3.17 expansion which includes a full rework to Path of Exile's Atlas of Worlds. In the meantime, we wanted to make some small improvements to the experience of setting up your Atlas. As such, in our October Scourge expansion, we're halving the number of regions to four and number of watchstones to sixteen. The idea is that it should be much faster to complete your Atlas setup in 3.16. Today's news post outlines what to expect if you're playing in Standard and worried about what will happen to your Atlas when Scourge launches.

We are removing the following regions: Tirn's End, Lex Proxima, Lex Ejoris and New Vastir.

Any quest Watchstones that have come from the above regions will be deleted. Note this does not mean where the Watchstones are socketed, but which region they were obtained from originally. The unfortunate part about this is that any sextants that are applied to these quest Watchstones will also be deleted.

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10 Oct

The Expedition League ends on PC on Monday October 18th at 2PM PDT, so this is your last week to complete any unfinished challenges. On consoles, the Expedition League will end when the 3.16 expansion goes live for consoles on October 27th PDT.

When Expedition ends, private leagues for 3.16 will become available shortly after so that you can prepare ahead of time for its launch. The exclusive {LINK REMOVED}Expedition Brimmed Hat will also leave the store forever! If you want to show your support for the league, be sure to check it out.

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07 Oct

In our upcoming 3.16 expansion, we're making a number of balance changes. Over the last two days, we talked about our plans for {LINK REMOVED}Flasks and Ailment Mitigation and {LINK REMOVED}Core Character Defences and Recovery. We strongly recommend reading those posts prior to this one. Today's post covers our plans for Auras, Curses and Elemental Damage Over Time.

We've assembled this article as a set of identified problems and our intended solutions. Below each solution is a spoiler tag with the specifics of what we're currently int... Read more

06 Oct

In our upcoming 3.16 expansion, we're making a number of balance changes. Yesterday we began our three part series by talking about our plans for {LINK REMOVED}Flasks and Ailment Mitigation. We strongly recommend reading that post prior to this one. Today's post covers our plans for Core Character Defences and Recovery. Tomorrow, we'll reveal the third part to this series which covers our plans for Auras, Curses and Elemental Damage Over Time.

We've assembled this article as a set of identified problems and our intended solutions. Below each solution is a spoiler tag with the specifics of what we're currently intending to change. Please note that as we're still a couple of weeks out from release, anything here is subject to change based on our further testi... Read more

05 Oct

In Path of Exile: Scourge (our October 3.16 expansion), we're making a number of changes to improve how characters mitigate ailments, use flasks, and build the defence of their characters. We're also addressing the extreme power of Auras and Curses in parties, while improving the strength of these mechanics for builds with a smaller investment. Finally we're changing Elemental Overload and Elemental Equilibrium and massively buffing elemental damage over time to be less dependent on them.

We're planning to share our balance changes across three news posts. Part 1 covers Ailment Mitigation and Flask Improvements, Part 2 covers Core Character Defences and Recovery and Part 3 covers Auras, Curses and Elemental Damage over Time. Today, we're talking about Ailment Mitigation and Flask improvements and will share parts 2 & 3 in subsequent days.

We've assembled this article as a set of identified problems and our intended Solutions. Below each Solution are the specifics of ... Read more

04 Oct

During our {LINK REMOVED}Path of Exile: Scourge Livestream reveal on October 14th PDT, Twitch Drops will be enabled! Just link your Path of Exile account with your Twitch account, watch our livestream and you can earn your own Dragonfly Wings!

How to Participate Just simply link your Path of Exile account to Twitch (see below) and watch the Path of Exile: Scourge Livestream at {LINK REMOVED}... Read more

03 Oct

On the 14th of October (PDT), we'll be announcing Path of Exile: Scourge. At that time, we’ll introduce a new set of League Supporter Packs, which means the {LINK REMOVED}Ultimatum Supporter Packs will permanently leave the store.

There are two pairs of Ultimatum Supporter Packs available in the store; the Sun Supporter Pack and the Crescent Supporter Pack. Each of the two pairs is designed in its own style with different contents, so you can choose whichever you prefer; or if you can’t decide, you can get both! If you have previously purchased a smaller pack, you have the option to upgrade to the larger one. All of the microtransactions included in the Supporter Packs are exclusive and will not be available in the store again.

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01 Oct

We'll be hosting an exclusive livestream to reveal the Path of Exile: Scourge expansion! Watch live on October 14th at 12pm (PDT) at {LINK REMOVED} to get the full details on what to expect. Twitch Drops will be enabled for the event, so make sure you don't miss it.

Play for free on October 22nd (PDT).

30 Sep

Path of Exile Livestream Announcement
Tune in at noon on October 14th (PDT) to find out all about our next expansion!

In the livestream, you'll learn all about 3.16's new content and features. It's followed by a live Q&A between ZiggyD and Chris Wilson.

You can catch everything you need to know at {LINK REMOVED} Twitch Drops will be enabled for the livestream so make sure to encourage your favourite streamers to watch along with us!

Path of Exile's Expansion Launch Date
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29 Sep

You've decided that our next community designed microtransaction will be a set of {LINK REMOVED}Epic and Dark Wings! Now that we have a general direction for the cosmetic effect, we are opening up to suggestions from the community as to what you would like the design to be.

To help give you an idea of what type of concepts fit this theme, check out the {LINK REMOVED}Void Wings, {LINK REMOVED}... Read more

28 Sep

There is so much talent in our community, so today we wanted to gather up some of the incredible fan art we have seen throughout the Expedition league and share them with you all! Check them out below!

Painted Oshabi Burn on Reclaimed Wood by GamerFumesCo

Soulkeeper Vizier Character Fan Art by ... Read more

27 Sep

If you've ever been stuck in a Labyrinth, you may have had a hand from SuitSizeSmall who operates and updates the Lab notes on PoELab! Continuing our series of interviews with community streamers, we took a moment to chat with SuitSizeSmall about his cosplay, running the Labyrinth and life outside of streaming.

Hi SuitSizeSmall, thank you for taking part in the interview! For those who may not be familiar with you, can you please introduce yourself? Thank you for inviting me to be interviewed! I’m SuitSizeSmall, I primarily operate and update the Lab notes for {LINK REMOVED}PoELab. I stream Path of Exile and occasionally other games such as souls-likes, metroidvanias and crafting/factory games. I also make cosplays semi-regularly.

When did you f... Read more

26 Sep

It's that time again - announcement of announcements! In today's news, we'll give you an overview of what to expect in the coming weeks as we prepare for the launch of our 3.16 expansion at the end of October.

Later this week, we'll share a follow-up news post that confirms the exact dates of both the 3.16 expansion announcement and its launch. The announcement will take place via Twitch at {LINK REMOVED} with Twitch Drops enabled! While we've revealed some of 3.16's details on recent community podcasts, there's still a lot to uncover. Like all Path of Exile expansions, it contains a new challenge league, skills, items, balance changes and more.

Next week, we're planning to start sharing a few minor teasers of thing... Read more

24 Sep

This weekend, we're having a sale on Skill Effects! What better way to complement them than with pieces from our {LINK REMOVED}Supporter Packs? To give you some inspiration, we've brought together a few costume ideas that take advantage of pieces from the Expedition Supporter Packs! Check them out below, or take a look at the Skill Effects sale {LINK REMOVED}here!

The above consists of the S... Read more

22 Sep

Last week, we launched a {LINK REMOVED}brand new community designed microtransaction series and the results are in! You've voted to create cosmetic wings! Now, we need your help to decide a general direction for the design to go in. Cast your vote in the poll on our forum {LINK REMOVED}here!

This poll will be open for one week. Over the coming weeks, we will open up additional polls to decide other aspects of the design. We can't wait to see the results!

21 Sep

We recently took some time to chat with streamer and long time player Kripparrian, to find out some of his favourite Path of Exile memories and what his life is like outside of gaming!

Hi Kripparrian, thanks so much for joining us for this interview! For those who may not be familiar with you yet, can you please introduce yourself? Hey there! I'm Kripp, and I've been playing video games all of my life, starting from when I was 3 years old. I've been fortunate enough to be able to make a living off of it since 2012, and luckily Path of Exile has been part of my gaming routine for most of those years.

We owe you a huge deal of thanks for helping to popularise Path of Exile in its early days. What is your favourite memory of your earliest days playing Path of Exile? My favorite part about PoE is to successfully create a new character and build that has not been done before. In the early days this was a much harder task, especially on Hardcore, as there were far fewer ... Read more