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Hi! For a bit of further clarity, the original patch note for the Sunblast Unique Belt was supposed to read "Skills which Throw Traps throw up to 1-3 additional Traps". Unfortunately, due to a mixup, we had posted it as "Skills which Throw Traps throw up to 3 additional Traps". This means that today's change should have been from "1-3 additional Traps" to "2 additional Traps". We've edited the log of changes at the bottom of the thread to reflect this. Apologies for the confusion!

about 2 months ago - /u/Nick_GGG - Direct link

Originally posted by blvcksvn

Hey Nick, noticed that Replica Alberon's Warpath, Replica Hyrri's Truth, Replica Leer Cast, and Replica Doedre's Damning (and to a lesser extent, Replica Restless Ward) did not receive updates that should have mirrored their regular counterparts. I did notice that Allelopathy was done afterwards. Could these be looked at? Thanks!

  • replica alberon's warpath (chaos res, mspd change)
  • replica hyrri's truth (dex, crit multi, flat phys/cold, leech)
  • replica leer cast (life, mana, reduced mana regen, mana regen aura)
  • replica doedre's damning (int, all res, mana on kill)
  • replica restless ward (stat balance compared to regular?)

I've checked with the team and they've let me know that Replica uniques should match changes to their regular counterparts. Once we have a full list we'll make sure the Patch Notes are updated.