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Pretty much title. For those of us who want to play in standard, we're stuck with a map tab full of 3.14 or 3.15 maps that can't convert. Not without workarounds that involve hours of manually converting/deleting thousands of maps.

This is a tab that we paid money for that is completely useless to us on standard and we can't even get any GGG devs to acknowledge the problem on the forums.

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We are aware that this is quite a frustrating experience and we're sorry that it's been quite difficult to resolve. Currently, if you have maps in your old tab that, upon upgrading, turn into another map that you don't have enough room for, the entire tab upgrade fails. We will improve this system so that overflowed maps are given to you in a remove-only tab. This will mean the rest of the conversion will work as intended.

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Originally posted by Dardarieel

Hi there!
Could you guys comment on the bow dot multi nerf?
I'd love to know if it is going to get changed and if I'm safe to craft my stuff now.

Because quivers now have additional tiers of damage over time multiplier, bows now use 1h damage over time multiplier values to be consistent with other item slots. This would have made the total damage over time multiplier greater than other weapons so they were adjusted accordingly. I'm aware that the compensation on the quiver doesn't necessarily help all builds using that craft but I'm still waiting for information from the team about that.

Also yes, this was unfortunately missed from our patch notes. Due to the massive amount of balance information, it unfortunately slipped through the cracks. I'm planning to reiterate this in our news later this week and hope to have more information by then.

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Originally posted by schmidlidev

Do you have any info about the nerf to base Armour on Shields?

So far only that it's intended. I have it on my list to include in the same aforementioned news post once I have more info.

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Originally posted by Djentist_Kvltist

Any updates on Conquerors not dropping their watchstones?

I believe there's a fix for this in 3.16.0b which is coming out hopefully today but maybe tomorrow.

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Hey it's nice to see you down in the trenches, it's appreciated! And while we have you here: any news on the "reduced mana reservation efficiency" mod issue?

That patch went out recently.

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What about the huge amount of stealth nerfs to modifiers, crafts and items? We’re these intentionally left out of patchnotes to not make people angry? Rather just slide them in when people are already playing the league to not have another PR disaster and shitstorm? It’s really sad how you guys say you’re communicating better and then lying to our faces repeatedly.

If you check my post history, I’ve commented on both of these today and they’re included in tomorrow’s post too (and our post on Monday).