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To see if you have this issue: go into the Timekeeper's Hideout (from the Sentinel League supporter packs), reclaim all hideout MTX, and press 'Use Default'. If you have this issue, it will give you an error saying there are 24 doodads missing.

I have been in a back and forth with GGG support for two weeks now trying to get this fixed after finding out that I had this issue. I paid $90 for this hideout four months ago, and waited until this league to use it. Upon trying to use the hideout, I was immediately hit with an error saying I was missing decorations. The missing doodads include the cool floating blue crystals, entirely exclusive to the pack, and the entire reason I wanted the hideout to begin with.

No big deal, I'll just contact support, right?


I've been back and forth with support for almost two weeks now, and they refuse to apply these decorations to my account, or give me an ETA for when they might get around to it. This isn't a bugged MTX or a visual issue... this is a product I paid for four months ago that I have not yet received.

I asked the two people in my guild who also have this hideout to check, and they also have this issue. Presumably, unless this is somehow specific to my guild, a lot of people are going to be missing these decorations.

After my interactions with support, I am left so incredibly frustrated defeated. GGG is starting to make me feel like a sucker for supporting them all these years. I have so many broken MTX that I don't think will ever get addressed, and now I have some entirely missing that will also probably never get addressed.

Here's my full email chain with support where I slowly descend into madness.

It really saddens me that making this post is probably the best shot I have at actually getting this fixed, but I'm not sure what else to do at this point.

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Hey, we've figured out the problem with Timekeeper's Hideout (and Ghost-Lit Graveyard Hideout) missing certain decorations. It seems that if you had entered the hideout for the first time post-3.19.0 then it failed to place/grant those decorations.

This will be fixed soon; you will be able to use the "Use Default" button while in the relevant hideout to get the missing decorations back. Please keep an eye on the patch notes to find out when the fix goes live.

Anyone who purchased (and actually used/visited) these hideouts before 3.19.0 should be unaffected.

Sorry for the hassle.