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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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This weekend, we're having a sale on cosmetic effects from the Kalandra Mystery Box! All microtransactions from the Kalandra Mystery Box as well as their variations will be on sale! Check out the full list of specials by pressing M to open the store in-game.

Not sure what to get? Be sure to check out what's in the box in the video below.

The sale will run from the time of this post until 4pm on Monday, February 6th.

Get a Free Sanctum Mystery Box When You Spend Points Until the end of the sale, we're offering one free {LINK REMOVED}Sanctum Mystery Box when you spend any amount of points in the store. This means you can purchase a discounted cosmetic effect or any other microtransaction from the store and receive one Sanctum Mystery Box as a gift from us. The offer is available on both PC and Consoles.

Please note: it's only possible to get one free Sanctum Mystery Box from this promotion. Making additional microtransaction purchases will not grant additional mystery boxes. Purchasing a supporter pack will not grant a free Mystery Box but spending points from a supporter pack can grant a free Mystery Box.

Players who have unlocked all microtransactions from the Sanctum Mystery Box will receive two Glimmerwood Mystery Boxes instead.

This offer will end at 4pm on Monday, February 6th.

Thanks for your support!