about 1 month ago - Guy_GGG - Direct link

Hey. Congratulations on 40 challenges.

We've recently updated pins so they're a bit more like a record of your achievements, and less of a link to your stats. This means that you can pin things (like your character) and the pin won't change if anything changes (ie. your hardcore character dies, or is moved to standard at the end of the league).

The consequence of this means that you'll have to refresh your pin with a little button that shows on the pin when you're looking at your own pins.

We've changed it so that you can't pin your challenges for the current league, but you can for past leagues. You'll be able to pin your Sentinel challenge score after the next league is available by clicking a pin button that will be available here: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/benDammit/challenges?season=Sentinel

about 1 month ago - Guy_GGG - Direct link

Hi benDammit.

We've made a change this patch that should let you pin your challenges for Sentinel league now (as long as you're 40/40).