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Hi, I got some questions, tried google and wiki but couldn't find them.

  1. The total distance for projectiles is 150 units. Will sub-projectiles created by split/fork/chain count towards this? F.ex main arrow flies 100 units, then forked. Will the forked arrows travel 50 more units before disappearing?
  2. Will increasing projectile speed increase total distance travel (f.ex Elemental Hit)?
  3. Will Return count as in the 150 units? (so in total the arrow travels 150 units away AND then return, or just 75?)
  4. In case of Elemental Hit, will the AOE dmg overlap?
  5. If I fired multiple arrows at once, can they hit the same target? (like when I stand really close to the boss)
  6. When I use Barrage Support, can the arrows from the same "attack" (a burst of arrow) hit the same target? (Pretty dumb if they can't)

Thanks in advance guys

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about 2 months ago - /u/Mark_GGG - Direct link

1) No, each instance of movement travels 150 units, unless something else interferes.

2) No, projectile speed has no interaction with this distance, it only modifies speed. On specific projectiles which are limited to only travel for a set time, such as freezing pulse, increasing speed means they get further by the time they stop, but that has no interaction with the projectile movement only taking them a maximum of 150 units, and has no impact on most projectiles - only time-limited ones.

3) No, see 1.

4) Yes.

5) No, outside of specific skills that explicitly provide an exception to this, such as Shrapnel Ballista.

6) Yes. Barrage makes arrows be fired sequentially rather than at the same time.

about 2 months ago - /u/Mark_GGG - Direct link

Originally posted by cer_nagas

Thanks for the reply Mark. Since you're here, I have one more question. Can forked or chained projectiles hit the same target? F.ex I shoot 2 arrows (A and B) at once, they then fork into A1, A2, B1, B2. Can A1 hit a target that B1 already hit?