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I searched around and saw over the last 4 years multiple posts asking for UI Scaling as an option. Apologies if this has been answered but is this currently in the works? Myself and a group of friends came back to check out Planetside 2 and over the years we've all upgraded to 1440p monitors. All of us mentioned how difficult it was to see the text in the UI, especially when a lot of activity is occurring.

I'm aware that we could lower our resolution to make the text larger however it would be nice to utilize the capabilities of the monitor.

If this is not currently in the works, can we please have UI Scaling implemented in a future QoL Patch?

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Originally posted by Paradox4g

Weird so you're telling me that the posts that have been made by these 3 in the past 30 days were written by who then?


and that they've never had a presence on Reddit?

Crazy. I guess all these reddit posts and dev replies are somehow done without them checking reddit.