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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hey Polytopians!

The wait is over! We're adding 3 new skins to Polytopia, giving some much-needed love to Xin-xi, Imperius, and Luxidoor!

Xin-Xi Sha-Po The Sha-po are a secretive legion of soldiers, saboteurs, and assassins trained in the ways of warfare and subterfuge from the moment they're hatched. They defend the Xin-xi Empire with weapons specially crafted to bring a quick and silent death to anyone who dares to threaten them.

Imperius Lirepacci The honor of forging your helmet into a laurel is reserved for the Lirepacci, a group of scholars, philosophers, and magistrates near the top of Imperius society. They’ve entered the war in order to see new lands, study new cultures, and debate for hours about the many, many laws and theories that govern the Imperius.

Luxidoor Aumux Mercenaries Yes, loyalty is nice, but you know what really motivates a good soldier? Riches. The gilded Aumux Mercenaries have been serving as the personal army of the Luxidoorian Emperor for many years, as there's no one else who can match their exorbitant demands for gold and precious gems! Ruthless, effective, and more than willing to destroy both their foes and the land in their insatiable, all-consuming greed, leaving little more than what's too small to be useful.

These skins will be released to the public on March 29th at 8amPST (4pmPDT)!

But what if you can't wait that long? Well, you're in luck, because we're also beta testing the skins (and, y'know, normal game changes), and you can head to our Discord[discord.gg] to find out how to enter the beta programs on both mobile and Steam.

You can find a changelog for the beta here.

Skin Pack #2 FAQ Q: What are skins?
A: They're DLC that change the look of a tribe. They offer no gameplay changes, advantages, or etc, and are purely cosmetic.

Q: Will the other tribes get skins?
A: Yes, they will, but much like the current skins, future skins will be sold in these bundles, and we'll sell more of them in time.

Q: Are the skins free?
A: No, they are not. They will cost $3 on Steam and $.99/each on mobile platforms.

Q: Why do iOS and Android get the skins before Steam?/I'm on the Steam beta and I can't unlock the skins?
A: Well, that's because of the nature of how Android and iOS handle their beta programs, as both allow people to purchase/access the skins ahead of time, for testing purposes. Steam just doesn't work like that, sadly, but thankfully the proper release is only a few days away.

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