29 Mar

Hello Polytopians!

Skin Pack 2 has now been released! Now you can play with the scholarly Lirepacci, the stealthy Sha-po, and the greedy Aumux!


Update Changelog:

- New fabulous skins for Imperius (Lirepacci), Luxidoor (Aumux), and Xin-xi (Sha-po)
- Replaced Intro music with ambient sound
- Co... Read more

24 Mar

Hey Polytopians!

The wait is over! We're adding 3 new skins to Polytopia, giving some much-needed love to Xin-xi, Imperius, and Luxidoor!

Xin-Xi Sha-Po The Sha-po are a secretive legion of soldiers, saboteurs, and assassins trained in the ways of warfare and subterfuge from the moment they're hatched. They defend the Xin-xi Empire with weapons specially crafted to bring a quick and silent death to anyone who dares to threaten them.

Imperius Lirepacci The honor of forging your helmet into a laurel is reserved for the Lirepacci, a group of scholars, philosophers, and magistrates near the top of Imperius society. They’ve entered the war in order to see new lands, study new cultures, and debate for hours about the many, many... Read more

13 Jan

It's not uncommon to see Yădakk merchant caravans roaming the Khalee Plains looking for customers. It's also not uncommon for most caravans to be comprised of the same family of Yădakk. What is uncommon is finding a lone Kickoo warrior out here, pretty far from home.

Hello Polytopians,

It's the Yădakk Tribe Moon, a whole month dedicated to celebrating the Yădakk, our favorite wandering merchants!

We've also got a nice 30% discount happening at our webshop for the next 10 days![shop.midjiwan.com] Come check it out!

Now, tell us what you think about the Yădakk in the comments!


22 Dec

Hey Polytopians!

Discounts on everything! Get the game and any DLC you're missing for 50% off, both on Steam and on the Switch! You can even get the Special tribes on mobile discounted as well! Get those tribes or skins you're missing and enjoy your well earned break from relatives during the Xmas holiday!

The discounts will last between December 22nd and January 5th.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Midjiwan!

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30 Nov

Looks are everything, especially on the battlefield! Get these fancy skins for Bardur, Vengir, and Hoodrick and become the most stylish and coolest in the square.

Want a refresh on what's included in this pack?

Bardur Baergøff The Baergøff are the Bardur’s elite hunters. Clad in the sanctified pelt of their first Baerion kill, they’re ready for anything!

Hoodrick Yorthwober Bands of the Hoodrick’s finest sharpshooters and survivalists, the Yorthwober know their way around combat just as well as they do the hills and forests.
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25 Oct

Hello Polytopians!

It's the time for tricks and treats, and we're here to give you a treat - 50% discount on the game and DLC! This even applies to the Special Tribes on mobile!

Now you can get Polytopia and all the Special Tribes just in time for everyone's favorite spooky day!

Happy Halloween!


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15 Jul

SOLAR POWER UPDATE: In the mobile version of the game (App Store & Google Play), all revenues from the sales of the Zebasi tribe are invested in loans for solar power projects in rural Africa. The total amount invested in these projects is now €180.000 which has helped tens of thousands of people in Africa to get access to CO2-free electricity.

We want to thank everyone who purchased Zebasi!!!

The investment is made through the Swedish company Trine.[www.trine.com] All investments through Trine meet sustainable development goals, which were formed by the UN Development Program (UNDP)

23 Jun

Hey Polytopians,

Summer is here again, just like the Steam Summer Sales! Along with the Steam Summer Sales are our sales....for the Summer!

50% off everything that isn't a Steam Point Shop item, including the game and DLC, as well as Special Tribes on mobile!!!!

Now go out there! Pick up a copy for you, your friends, your parents, your neighbor, your dog, or whomever else wants to play Polytopia with you!


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24 May

Diplomacy Launch and 25% Discount On Everything!
The moment you've all been waiting for - Diplomacy! It needs no drumroll or further hype because it is finally here! This update adds a whole new technology to research, which finally makes the entire tech tree symmetrical (and adds Diplomacy stuff, of course)!

So, regardless of whether you've been following our posts on Diplomacy or this news is completely new to you, we'd like to give a quick rundown on what this technology adds.

Diplomacy Tech Key Features
Peace Treaties Become friends with former enemies…until one of you calls it quits. Teammates cannot attack one another and can share roads.

Tribe Relations With Tribe Relations systems, players can evaluate which tribe they can become friends with. Colored bubbles offer detailed explanations of wh... Read more

21 Mar

So, what's so special about the Special Tribes? Well, they all have a unique set of features that lets you play Polytopia in a completely different way. You will need to learn the game all over to figure out how to make the most out of them!

For example, the Aquarion has units like The Amphibian, Tridention, and Crab that you dont find elsewhere, severely modifying the chivalry branch of your tribe to catch your rival off guard. Or Elyrion where their giants start as vulnerable eggs and then grow into enormous fire-breathing dragons.
And, dont forget the Polaris, which can freeze terrain and enemies to prevent the progression of your foes. And. last, but not least, the creepy-crawly Cymanti. Where you have huge insects at Your disposal and you can create Centipedies that span over several tiles. And it grows longer for its every kill...

Yes, the Special Tribes are truly special. That's why we call them special!

So, If you haven't got them yet, now is... Read more

17 Jan

As mysterious as they are majestic, the Gaami are beings from an alien world of eternal permafrost, and the source of the ice magic that the Polaris society relies on. While the Polaris might see them as benevolent saviors, many believe that the Gaami have ulterior motives...

Artwork Created by API KEYS

If you dont have Polaris, this is the chance to get it at 50% DISCOUNT during the TRIBE WEEK (On STEAM & MOBILE).

Polaris lets you play Polytopia in a completely different way as you get to Freeze oceans, Ride Mammos, Build Ice Fortresses, Ice Banks and much more!

You can GET IT here!

22 Dec

Winter Sales! You thought that a Concordance Day lore blurb and art contest were the only gifts we were giving you this year? Well, surprise, we're also giving you some insane discounts!

50% off! Yes, 50% off on all STEAM items and SPECIAL TRIBES on MOBILE! Have you been eyeing the Cymanti since their launch earlier this year? This is the time to pick them up as well as any other DLC you're missing!

Is that all? Nope! We've also got a secret hidden in the game for this time of year! Hope you can find it! ;)

And a happy New Year! Thank you, Polytopia fans, for being the best. You've all helped make this year great, and we look forward to seeing you all next year!


26 Nov

Help us win! Want a new way to show the world how much you love Polytopia? You're in luck, as the Steam Awards are happening soon, and you can nominate us for the Labor of Love Award!
To vote - Simply go to our Steam Page and vote!

24 Nov

It's nearing the end of November, and that means that it's time for the Steam Autumn Sales! What does that mean for you? It means that the Battle of Polytopia and a plethora of other great games are heavily discounted!

How much is Polytopia being discounted? A whopping 40%!

So, let's end this November the best way we can by buying our pumpkin spice lattes, playing in the leaves, and getting our copies of Polytopia and any DLC during this amazing sale!


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28 Oct

Not shocked? Neither were we, but what will shock you is the 40% discount on the award-winning Battle of Polytopia and its DLC for the spookiest day of the year!

What better way to celebrate the Cymanti during their special week than by buying them for yourself or a friend? Bugs not your thing? That's fine, as Polytopia has something for everyone!

Get your copy today!


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20 Sep

Another Summer has passed and we have to endure many months until it's Summer again! But have faith, you can now get the award-winning The Battle of Polytopia or any of the spectacular DLC's at a 40% discount. If you haven't noticed, we have a 96% Overwhelmingly Positive Rating on Steam so the probability of regretting this purchase is really low.

Or, if you already have everything in Polytopia, maybe your friends don't. Spread the word!

40% Discount on everything until September 27th!

24 Jun

Summer is finally here and we want to celebrate this with a SUPER DISCOUNT.

Someone might tell you that you should go outside, and if you do, that's fine but if you choose to stay inside you have a unique opportunity to get The Battle of Polytopia and DLCs at a 50% discount!

This discount applies for Polytopia stuff everywhere - on Steam, on mobile (Special Tribes & Luxidoor), and we have even have plenty of discounts on the cool merchandise in our webshop![polytopia.threadless.com]

This promotion ends on July 8th so hurry up and tell your friends to go and get some Polytopia stuff now!

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