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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hey Polytopians!

As you’ve probably noticed, the Path of the Ocean Update is going to be released fully on the 21st[polytopia.io], and that means we’re in the process of finalizing the update and its many changes. In this particular update, we’re adding all of the new changes to both Android and iOS testing programs, so now everyone can join in on the fun!

We’re going to keep this post fairly short, as most changes are bug fixes and not new content. Since you’ve probably been following these updates pretty intently, we won’t need to fill you in on the details just yet, but if you’re new or just need a refresher, we strongly encourage you to get more details on the update by reading our 1st Blog Post and 2nd Blog Post, or look at our up-to-date beta changelog.

How Do I Test It? If you’d like to jump into the testing track and start testing, you can use these links!

If you're playing on Android, tap here![play.google.com]

If you prefer iOS, tap here![testflight.apple.com]

If you use Steam, use this Beta Access Code: polytopiabetatesters

And remember, you can always chat with other fans, ask questions, leave suggestions, or send feedback on our Discord[discord.gg].


Changelog: Balance:
  • Bridge cost down to 7*
  • Juggernaut attack up to 4
  • Improved map generation, better village distribution and fixed starting resources
  • Improved AI
  • Ships can now be upgraded in ally territory
  • Polaris start with Outpost in Frostwork tech
Bug Fixes:
  • Task popups don’t freeze replays
  • Correct outlines
  • Fixed Boost after moving (as well as actions like Explode and Disband)
  • Fixed Smash, Splash, Explode, etc harming enemy units during cease-fire after breaking peace
  • Fixed Cymanti port crash
  • Fix “teamplayerid not working”
  • Potential fix for users having problem with “multiplayerGamingRestricted”
  • Fix so users getting updated don’t remove them from friends lists
  • Fix moves being reset by iCloud sync if animating the change during a save and the save comes back with incorrect data
  • Dynamic graphic for Market, showing its production
  • What’s new popup
  • Fixed Ice Bank description
  • Aumux and Ragoo skins now have appropriate naval units
  • Art assets have been adjusted for some new stuff