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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello Polytopians!

You might have noticed two recent updates for the beta, and we'd like to give you some more details on what they entail.



This build doesn't contains replays

- Chopping was moved to Forestry tech
- Update Daggers graphics
- Improved AI behaviour
- Added info button in Riots messages
- Update broken peace and destroyed embassy popups
- Added "Hostile" state when peace is broken
- Added info popup when player cannot establish embassy or send peace treaty
- Removed diplomacy actions from bottom menu, now they are only available in tribe info popup
- Adjust animations when placing and destroying embassies
- Invisible cloaks are not revealing by splash attacks now
- Prevent possible diplomatic contacts with nature
- Update camera zooming when revealing player's capitals
- Other UI improvements


Update (the current version)

- Added diplomacy translations
- Added new message when get peace offer from unknown tribe
- Added touch feedback on all sliders
- Small UI improvements in Game Stats screen
- Improved relation buttons appearance
- Improved tribe button appearance
- Improved Tribe Info popup
- Improved Elyrion names
- Improved detect skill design
- Fixed attacking players right after breaking the peace


Remember, if you'd like to test Diplomacy, just use the beta access code "TestDiplomacy"!