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Impossible to use my resolution
So I can't figure this out; even setting my resolution to 3440x1440 in game and in the cfg file doesn't work; I can clearly see it is actually rendering at far less than that resolution; looks more like 1920x1080; rendering scale is my suspicion but max render scale is some weird resolution; my actual resolution is not listed and I cannot set the frame rendering scale thing to 0; it stops at 25. Very irritating. This is why I had stopped playing before; was hoping it was fixed by now...but nope. Issue is replicable; I have seen it with Nvidia and AMD cards; in Windows 7 and 10, in Vulkan and DX11.

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@Druout1944 Hi there 😊

I am sorry that you cannot use your desired resolution within the game. Could you please provide images of what you were describing, as well as of your graphic settings? Also, could you let us know which monitor you are using?


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