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Rage quitting a game (especially 1 round in) is bullsh*t. You die (you dont even lose the round. You could win the round, the GAME, if you stick around) , it happens, SUCK IT UP. You had one bad round, if you quit, you're branding yourself as a loser. Ubi needs to fix this problem, because its f*cking annoying. It would also fix the amount of matches you would join, while losing 0-2 with 2 other teammates.

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If you're talking about Ranked — they do get punished. They'll receive a temporary ban from matchmaking, have the match considered a loss, and also receive a renown penalty.

If you're talking about casual — I don't think the team wants to punish players for leaving casual matches. Seems a bit unnecessary.

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Originally posted by McCoy614

If someone leaves not even 1 round in to a game, there should be a punishment of some kind (unless it's a connection issue... if you can monitor that).

I'm guessing you're talking about casual there, and I have to personally disagree.

Not only is casual stake-less, (as in, no one is risking their ELO/ranking during a casual match) but we also have a "join-in-progress" system to fill holes in a casual team.

I understand the frustration with having to play at a disadvantage, but I don't think that forcing a player to stay in a casual match by threat of punishments is the way to go — why would you want a player who has already completely given up on the match to be forced to stay when you could get a new player who probably actually wants to play the match.

Forcing players to stay just seems like an invitation/catalyst for toxicity to bubble up.

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Originally posted by McCoy614

I see your point. I'm just venting. I just wish people wouldn't quit, it ruins the fun sometimes. Ur right, its casual no punishments should be brought upon. You guys know what you're doing.

I know what you mean, it's very frustrating to have teammates drop out frequently.

I recommend finding some regular squadmates you can rely on and play with, that usually solves many problems solo-queuers will deal with regularly.

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