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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Here you can find the updates and fixes for the Y9S2.2 patch.

Y9S2.2 PATCH SIZE Find the download sizes for each platform below.
• Ubisoft Connect: 1.26 GB
• Steam: 857 MB
• Xbox One: 1 GB
• Xbox Series X: 1.4 GB
• PlayStation 4: 1.46 GB
• PlayStation 5: 1.28 GB

BUG FIXES GAMEPLAY FIXED - Deadzone sensitivity doesn't apply calibration properly.

FIXED – Operators can melee through Shields.

LEVEL DESIGN FIXED - Drones can clip inside the wall located in EXT Valley on the Border map.

OPERATORS FIXED - Ying's Candela ability has a low level of detail when held close to the operator.

USER EXPERIENCE FIXED - Drone's red scan ping doesn't display on Player's UI during preparation phase.

FIXED - Dynamic play button text for Matchmaking is duplicated in the upper-left corner.

FIXED - Some reticules for OTs-03 aren't affected by optic color and opacity changes.

FIXED - Players can accept invites to ongoing custom online sessions.

FIXED - "Unlock with operator Specialties" option is available after unlocking a pathfinder Operator with renown.

FIXED - Hiding completed challenges can't be toggled by selecting the box under the Challenges tab.

FIXED - Players can't scroll through the Battle Pass after accessing the Challenges tab.

FIXED - Missing SFX when drones are destroyed while in support mode during the end of the round.

KNOWN ISSUE [PC] Due to a security update some third-party applications that interact with Siege may cause a crash on start-up.

We recommend temporarily disabling such applications until updated versions are released.