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It's, honestly, one of those things that made this game boring in my experience. I started off playing with 20 maps in the map pool (that's excluding Bartlett U.). When this whole map rotation trash/garbage/crap was announced prior to Ember Rise, my heart sank. From 20 to 14 every one and a half months (and it's not consistent).

You guys have Ranked and Unranked for that, anyway. Casual is supposed to be casual. It's not competitive for the sake of increasing in rank or preparing for ranked matches. Bad maps, good maps, balanced maps, trash maps. The community grew together because of those maps. Just like the so called "trash tier" operators in the community. The community knows they're trash but would use them in Casual, anyway. Some content creators of the community got you content because of those operators and maps. Keep casual CASUAL. Someone else posted a similar thread but I'm posting this again so that this inconsistent nonsense map rotation is removed. Just like the previous poster said, casual map rotation is GARBAGE. It really is GARBAGE. Me and my friends want all the maps with night time option. We wanna try playing Bartlett U. in casual. We wanna explore the game more. And if you mention "why not play your maps in a Custom Game" holy crap. You still have to set it up, wait for 10 players or settle for a few players every custom game. If it's casual, I just have to wait about 1 to 2 minutes and I'm in a 5v5 game with randos. Poof!
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