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Matchmaking Is Broken. PERIOD
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Hey Koko! Could you be more specific about the issues you're experiencing with matchmaking?
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Originally Posted by Cavendar.ECO
Could he be more specific?

It's ALL over the forums. Smurfs, Diamonds in Casual. Where should we start? People leaving mid-match. Joining matches 0-2.
In order to get a more accurate reading for reports, we do need things to be very specific. Whereas I have definitely seen the forums talk about the difficulties in experiencing issues with smurfing and causal matchmaking, there could also be difficulties in finding games, high ping, server issues etc.

Therefore, in order to appropriately address the issue, or in order to be sure it's categorized appropriately when I'm reporting these frustrations, I do need specific details about what the post is referencing! I hope this gives more transparency around why we ask these questions