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It's both refreshing and heartbreaking to see new mechanics being tested in the game's environment. But as of current Lion and Finka do not follow Rainbow Six' core design which follows a standard of Room to Room interaction, as such these operators are broken fundamentally.

Each gadget and ability has a special function that can be used from room to room. As an example, using Jäger's ADS to block grenades from entering certain rooms. Using Echo's drone is used from room to room to disorient and throw off enemies. The list goes on and this tactical room to room gameplay is what makes this game so fun and strategic. Gadget placement and use is key in many situations If you placed a GU mine wrong you may not know where the enemy is, if you don't use IQ's RED you may not be as safe as you think when entering an objective.

Lion and Finka break this rule and as such are too easy and too powerful when in use. Lion gives his full team real time outlines of enemies as they move about the map. Albeit for only 3 seconds and not moving is a counter (however it's important to note that 3 seconds can be a long time in a game to be sitting around, especially when the enemy is rushing as seen now). Finka gives her whole team an upgrade; Flash Resistance, Concussion Resistance, Recoil Dampening, More health and Faster movement through barbed wire. It currently has a few counters but those counters are not enough to mitigate the bonuses her gadget has. The recoil dampen is almost at 100% making weapons like the SMG-12 insanely overpowered. Couple her abilities with rushers and Lion's gadget and there's practically no way to win on defense unless you're very far from the Objective.

These abilities need to be toned down to be on par with every other gadget. No gadgets should be as strong as these. So here are a few proposals:

Lion - EE-1-D:

>The gadget should only have 2 charges

The current number of 3 charges is far too much in my opinion, 9-12 whole seconds of just sitting around is a bit ridiculous for the defenders when many operators rely on roaming to succeed, I.E Caveira.

> The radius in which operators can be seen should be reduced to a drastically smaller size.

The radius in which enemies are detected is far too big for the benefit the gadget provides. Defending operators within range of the player looking to find someone should be notified on screen. Those who aren't can choose to roam freely whilst undetected.

>The detection should not provide full outlines and operator names, only pings in the center of the operator's body.

The highlights in my opinion, are far too strong. Not to mention the drone knowing which operator is which is a bit excessive. Doing this doesn't make a detected operator instantly dead meat if and when they're detected.

>There should be a 3-5 second windup before activation

Just like with Dokkaebi, Lion should also have to risk being out in the open for a sizable amount of time while he activates his ability.

Finka - Adrenal Surge:

>The Gadget should only have 2 charges

Just like with Lion's drone, 3 charges is far too much for how much benefit this gadget provides.

>Flash resistance should be greatly reduced

The resistance to flash and concussion abilities is far too strong at the moment. This needs to be lowered so attackers have a slightly faster recovery to flashes in comparison to defenders.

>Recoil Dampen needs to be removed or only apply to Finka

The current recoil dampen is far far too strong for this game. Almost at 100% removal this makes many weapons very overpowered. A reduction wouldn't stop it from being insanely powerful either. It needs removal or it should only apply to Finka.

>The gadget should also have a 3-5 second windup time.

As before, a big problem with these operators is that using either gadget does not put them at risk.

These proposed changes keep the uniqueness and global power these gadgets provide, but makes them far less powerful.
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appreciate the feedback.

there's definitely been a lot of conversation around the global utility of lion and finka. We're watching the test server results closely and the team will make changes if they see a need for it, but I don't think the results from the test servers are enough support to big nerf that like - it will be much better to first wait and see how they perform on live before going back to re-evaluate whether they need to be changed or not.
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