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Dear Ubisoft staff, the out-of-print DLC skins that emerged from the recent multi-platform account merger can be linked to a PC account via a PS account to synchronize the DLC save to many PC accounts, such as Glacier Skin, Gold Dust, etc.have been flooded on some second-hand trading platforms and the prices are ridiculous. If I could, I wish Ubisoft would consider making skins available to more people who really love the Rainbow Six Siege, rather than this vicious bug. Moreover, these malicious use of bugs to bind multiple PC accounts to one Ice Age PS account, so that PC users can get ice age and other skin behavior, so that they get huge profits, no cost to use the bug I think is very ridiculous behavior.
So I'd like to know if Ubisoft's official developers are aware of the bug and if they can address it. Thanks!

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@Mononobe__Alice Hello, how are you? This topic seems to be in regards to R6 Siege (this is the Rocksmith+ Discussion pages), so I will move it for you to R6 Player Support.

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