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After taking a look at the updated Hibana Yurei Headgear upon seeing the community response, we responded yesterday that we would be retouching the makeup for the headgear to make it appropriately spookier.

The updated headgear will be fixed -next week- for PC, and go out with Y4S1.1 on Console.

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deja vu


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I cannot believe this. They Patch a cosmetic item because it looks not spooky enough, rather than fixing the flickering Graphics Issue all Players with AMD Vega Graphic Cards have!

Worst Part is, that as soon the TTS launched, the Graphic Bug was fixed! One Day later it reapeared, so i think you have the Solution ready, but wont release it.

But a fckn Headgear gets a fix wihtin 24 Hours.
Wtf Ubi, the game is (literally) unplayable for all Vega Users for over 3 Weeks now..


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R6 Fix


Hey, so for the VEGA Graphic Card issue I would suggest you reach out to support and open a ticket. I believe it's a driver-related issue, so we can try to help you troubleshoot further there if necessary.

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Just to let you know, On Blitzes Elite, when you go into the observation tool after throwing a drone, His pistol is still in his hand (seemingly clipping into and sticking out of his hand) which is holding the phone in that short animation.

Have not tried this with regular uniforms to see if its the same, but i would assume so.

Edit: I am on PS4

Thanks! Will pass it along.

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Can we get an update on the issue with the Data centers. My data center says Central US yet I keep up playing games on either West or East US. This is kinda game breaking and annoying because I never know what ping I am going to have going into a match.

We're looking into this issue currently. If you've submitted a ticket to support about this, if you could DM me your ticket # that would be great - thanks!

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