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Every time I press Shift+F2 or invite friends or my invitations there is black text appearing at the top left and everything is zoomed in and not where its supposed to be. I've tried restarted and doing stuff in task manager but it doesn't work. Then, whenever one of my friends goes online it says their name is now online in black text in the top left instead of purple box in the bottom right.
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Hey Carmql, thanks for reaching out, welcome to forums and I am sorry to hear about the issue you're having.

I've just tried to test this however it all seemed fine.

Would I be able to check whether you're playing the game on native resolution? Also, is there any possibility you could provide us with screenshots showing these issues? You can do so by following steps in the following article, then uploading it to any online image sharing website and send the link so that we could have a look.

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Taking a screenshot
Taking a screenshot