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I recently moved to Japan and my connection is good, new pc and it runs great, but as of last night i haven't really been able to play.... i was gold 3 before this issue popped up and ever since then i cant even complete a match without either some form of lag or a complete disconnect....

when i enter any match, comp or casual, my ping is anywhere from 10 to 80 and my fps is anywhere from 90 to 120... my connection speed on speedtest.net is 40mbps download and 30 mbps upload.... every match i play now theres this yellow plug icon that always appears near where the bad connection triple box icon goes when the connection is bad... sometimes it turns red and sometimes it disappears for a second but many times ill disconnect from a server saying i cant connect to R6 servers. My ping is good, frames are good but still i can unload a machine gun into someone who constantly runs into it and they wont take any damage, sometimes ill shoot at people who aren't moving and they wont die and then they will kill me while not facing me.. I'm not sure whats going on or why its happening and every time i try to look for the yellow plug icon nothing shows up.
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Hi there YaBoiJimbo. I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue. I recommend first verifying your game files via the client it was first installed from, so (Uplay or Steam). Next, I suggest going through the steps in our connection guide specifically for Rainbow Six: Siege. You may also want to look into the data center you are currently linking to. Hope these steps do the trick! Please let me know. : )

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