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Operation New Blood is live and introduces new seasonal content to Rainbow Six Siege. Here’s an overview of everything launching in Season 2.
  • Every elite Operator was once a recruit. Check out the new Recruit Operators, Striker & Sentry, who are joining the Rainbow Six roster. Both Operators have been optimized for competitive play and are available to all players, in all modes.
  • Operator Balance Updates: Fenrir now has one less mine and activation ticket. Mines are also not bulletproof anymore, but tickets are recovered when mines get destroyed or deactivated. Solis' ability is now unavailable during the preparation phase. Its duration is also reduced to 10 seconds, the detection range set to 12 meters, and the ability needs to be fully charged to be used. Both Operators also received an update to their gadgets.
  • Map Filters: You can now select the maps you prefer playing in the Standard Playlist. This new feature is available in your Settings Menu.
  • Attrition Mode: The Arcade game mode returns to Siege for a limited-time. In this bomb mode, once an Operator is picked, it becomes locked for both teams for all remaining rounds. Time to adapt and make the most unconventional compositions work!
  • Detailed Weapon Stats: Weapons now have detailed information regarding their Firepower, Accuracy, Ammo and Mobility. If you want to know everything about your loadout, be sure to check out this new feature.
But that’s not all! Watch the Year 9 Season 2 Reveal Panel for more information about the season
and the Operators & Gadgets video to learn more about the Recruits’ playstyle, and check out the R6S website[www.rainbow6.com] to get all the details about the new content launching with Operation New Blood!


This season, the Premium Battle Pass rewards include an Operator voucher (unlocks any Operator), 18 Bravo Packs, a Bravo ticket, 600 R6 Credits, exclusive skins, a 10% store discount, and a 30% faster BP progression.
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