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Originally posted by UNGENANNT: The nerf of JAGER and ASH is a very good choice and I think it is very good.


There are still a lot of weak characters in Rainbow Six Siege, and their performance needs to go up a lot. I think the more powerful characters in this game, the more diverse metas will be created. For example, Blitz's performance has now fallen into hell. Operators such as Warden, Amaru, Noxk, Orix, etc. are still not adopted at all.

It's still early in the season, so I can't judge it quickly, but I hope Ubisoft pays more attention to these characters.

This comment brings up an interesting question that I want to ask: do you feel that every operator should be viable at all times, even though the game's meta essentially changes each season? Ops like Amaru haven't had much presence in the current meta due to how much of a lone wolf she is.

The current meta prioritizes utility clearing and aside from her having the new secondary hard breach, she doesn't have anything that would work well in a team comp. I believe that's actually why we gave it to her; to give players just a tiny bit more of an incentive to play her.
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Originally posted by *revolver noises*: It just feels like base powerlevel of too many ops are all over the place and the amount of effort needed to make X character good doesnt compensate when another character can do better with minimal effort.

So i dont think the devs achieved any of that, instead focused on meta hard counter scenarios involving the new ops and their interactions with ops aready firmly planted in the meta. The meta is completely based about revolving around itself, not fixing others to be part of it.

Dont lie and say you care about this

Right now we're working to fix the meta. At the moment it's incredibly difficult for attackers to execute on-site since they have to clear shields, Goyo shields, Evil Eyes, Banshees, bulletproof cams, etc, etc. That's been Siege's meta all year practically and we know how frustrating it is, that's why this most recent blog post highlights this issue and the first steps we're taking to address it. It involves tweaking/reworking existing ops to lessen the amount of utility defenders have to clear, and we're even looking at tweaking some of the new ops. One of the devs has said Melusi is currently being looked at and "in the line of fire" in terms of tweaks.

If you haven't had a chance to read the Neon Dawn Designer's Notes[www.ubisoft.com], I would really recommend it. The devs are cooking up some really awesome changes that are going to be super benefical to improve the meta and the game as a whole.
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Originally posted by *revolver noises*: And i hear that every season like many other things "this update will save siege" "we have big surprises this season that will shake the whole meta" "we plan to buff underperforming ops".

Have yet to see many of those be addressed, so just saying "trust me, we have good stuff soon" doesnt actually tell me anything

The Designer's Notes I linked above do a great job at discussing our impending nerfs for meta ops like Jager, and Echo, with plenty more on the way.

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