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Since about 2 years now, there is a known bug with Threadripper CPUs that prevents the game from launching if 64 threads or more are present, effectively forcing these users to either turn off cores, or disable SMT depending on core count, as per the following :


Thing is, most Threadripper users often use virtualization, as it's one of the main aspects of the platform, and that effectively prevents using aforementioned "game mode" (which is really just disabling half the CPU cores on your system). I've been unable to play the game ever since I've had this system.

To add oil to the fire, Ubisoft did correct this very glitch in AC : Origins, which is based on a similar engine.

Does Ubisoft eventually plan to fix this very simple glitch as they did with some other games using the same engine as R6 Siege ?
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Hey, Nero9937!

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this particular issue. We completely understand that the length of time that this is taking to resolve is frustrating.

I have checked over the latest information we have on this issue and can see that it should be resolved, can we confirm are you using the latest drivers for your system and is your game fully up to date?

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