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26 Jan

A Rush Accident!

28 days ago - /u/Jitsu202 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by whoooo0cares

This game is so much fun!

Glad you're enjoying it!

13 Jan

Just picked up Rage 2, and wow

about 1 month ago - /u/Jitsu202 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Glad you're enjoying the experience, Ranger!

30 Dec

Just started playing man is it awesome.

about 2 months ago - /u/Jitsu202 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Glad you're enjoying it, Ranger!

27 Dec

06 Oct

03 Oct

25 Sep

RAGE 2 Console Crashing--Resolved!

5 months ago - /u/Jitsu202 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey all,

Just a heads up that we've resolved the issue that have been causing the game to crash. If you continue to have crashes, please let us know!

Thanks for everyone's patience on this!

External link →

24 Sep

Hey thezodiaceddect,

We're hearing this from a handful of Xbox users, and are actively looking into it. Have you submitted a support ticket? I appreciate your patience!

Rage 2 keeps crashing!!

5 months ago - /u/Jitsu202 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey Fabled_Addiction!

What platform are you on? We're looking into this now.

17 Aug

26 Jul

17 Jul

Originally posted by Unreflektiert

I dont had an Bethesda account. So I created one today but I only can link Facebook and twitch with him and nothing more. Game on ps4 says the same error as usual

Try connecting to Bethesda.net again on your PS4. You were probably unable to connect last time because you didn't have an account to connect to--you should be able to now.

If it doesn't work again, do you mind posting a screenshot of what the error message actually reads?

15 Jul

Originally posted by Unreflektiert

Hey! Everytime I want to connect to besthesda.net via main menu in rage 2 on ps4 pro the error message came up and say I have to connect to psn and try again. But I'm connected to psn all the time.

Go ahead and try logging into you Bethesda.net account on a computer. Do you get any kind of pop up or error there?

Hey there!

Could you give me a little more info about the issue you're having (what happens when you try to connect to Bethesda.net? Any error messages, etc?) Also, have you submitted a support ticket for this yet? I'd definitely start there. Let's see what we can do to fix this issue!

13 Jul

02 Jul

10 Jun

30 May

Originally posted by JaySouth84

THIS. The most infuriating glitch.

The Nicholas Raine armor swapping has been fixed--thanks for being patient on that!

23 May

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