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13 May


Originally posted by oliath

Official post fails to mention Bethesda store times.

Good start :D

Unlock time for the Bethesda Launcher is today at 7pm ET.


Originally posted by death_cares

Are the times for the Bethesda launcher the same as for steam?

The unlock time for the Bethesda Launcher is today at 7pm ET.

09 May

08 May


Hey Wastelanders!

I know a lot of people have been asking about preload and unlock times, so I'm excited to share this info!

Preload Information

  • Xbox One – RAGE 2 preload starts on May 11, 8:00am ET
  • PlayStation 4 – Preload will begin 48 hours before launch in your territory
  • Steam – Preload will begin May 10 at 1pm ET

Launch Timing

RAGE arrives on May 14! Here is when you’ll be able to play the game depending on your platform and location:

  • Xbox One - RAGE 2 unlocks at midnight, in your time zone, on May 14.
    • In North America, the game will unlock at 12:01am ET
  • PlayStation 4 - RAGE 2 unlocks at midnight, in your time zone, on May 14.
    • In North America, the game will unlock at 12:01am ET
  • Steam - The game will unlock...
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Originally posted by Toyfan1

Before you guys had announced for steam, I had preordered the deluxe edition for the BL. I repreordered it and was told my new preorder is for steam, was that gamestop mispeaking or is there a steam preorder?

When you pre-ordered the second time from GameStop was it a physical pre-order, or digital?

07 May


Hey folks, I wanted to issue a correction about the BFG: at launch, the BFG will only be available as a premium item in the Deluxe and Collector's Editions.


Originally posted by PooButtNigga

Is the pre-order bonus mission exclusive to pre-order only or will it be released later for others?

As of now, the Cult of the Death God is exclusive to the pre-order edition of the game.


Originally posted by Pyrolex

If I preorder from Amazon, do I get the controller skin before the game or at the same time as the game?

Hey Pyrolex!

I'd ask the retailer (Amazon) about this one, since the Anarchy skin is exclusive to them.


Originally posted by Racist7

Hello! Does GameStop’s preorder a Steam code or a Bethesda Launcher code? Doesn’t really matter, just curious if I should download the Beth client.

Hey there,

The code you get from GameStop will be for the Bethesda.net Launcher.

06 May


Originally posted by -Lykan-

Are there any mini games or something else to do in towns?

Hey Lykan!

There are no mini games in the towns/settlements in RAGE 2. I hope that clears things up! :)


Hey Practonus!

Keyboard and mouse controls will not be supported for RAGE 2.

03 May


Originally posted by Mattias1099

Your answer is highly appreciated :) Thank you for taking your time answering all of these questions!

Edit: I wrote "you're" instead of "your"... and I'm going crazy about it now!!!

Of course! Happy to clarify.


Originally posted by Mattias1099

I have seen comments about this before and I really hope it is! Hopefully, it will be! I'll try to find a video where they enter settings for you! I'll try to manage to do it today, if not, I will do it tomorrow!

Toggle ADS is an option! RAGE 2 will also have toggle weapon wheel and Focus ability as well.


Originally posted by Mattias1099

Thank you for the clarification! Can't wait to explore the map!

Is toggle ADS an option? I've had a few people with disabilities ask me this, and this option would be game changing for them, but sadly I only have access to as much information as anyone else ): Would be nice if you could answer this!

It sure is an option!

Toggle ADS, toggle weapon wheel, and toggle Focus ability will all be options in the settings.


Originally posted by Mattias1099

It's hard to say. From what we've seen so far, there are no indications towards that! It would definitely be a nice add-on to the game but I doubt that they will have it from the release, considering the fact that we've gotten no information what so ever about it! I'll keep you updated tho :)

Hey Mattias and GuyRandolf,

At launch, there will be no player housing/trophy room. There are lots of cool dwellings to check out in Wellspring and in some other towns, but there is not a dedicated player housing location. Hope this answers your question!


Originally posted by Mattias1099

I haven't even noticed it until now. Luckily overdrive only charges when you kill enemies and if it bothers you that much I guess that the only thing that you can do is use it right away when it charged up, which you frankly should!

Hey OP!

You won't be able to turn off the glitch effects that occur when you go into Overdrive mode. You can turn off the HUD, which will disable things like hitcounters and the kill indicator, but the glitch effects are separate. Hope this helps answer your question!


Originally posted by Mattias1099

The first game included quite a few easter eggs, so RAGE 2 will probably have a few too! But I doubt that there will be any big ones as the first game didn't have "big ones". But it's a long time since the first game was released and a lot has changed since then! We've seen some pretty cool areas, like in the video linked down below, where he enters a pretty cool cave located up in the mountains! It isn't necessarily "secret", but it will still be fun to explore the "unknown" parts of the Wasteland! Tim Willits has said that some missions activate automatically by just being at a certain place (at a certain time), and I feel like this indicates towards there being "hidden" places to explore and finding new stuff that isn't necessarily shown on the map! I guess that we'll just have to see! I'll keep you updated tho :)

Hey OP and Mattias1099!

There are a few easter eggs in RAGE 2, but we don't want to spoil anything for you ;)

In a big open world like that in RAGE 2, there will be plenty of awesome areas for you to discover--we can't wait for you to get exploring!


Hey OP! As far as customization goes, you'll be able to initially choose between a male and female Ranger. You can also get access to Nicholas Raine's armor (from the original RAGE) through pre-odering! Hope that helps!

25 Apr