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  1. Added the "To battle" button. Now, there is no need to look for contracts on the global map. The following modes have been moved: PVE, COOP, PVP, 2x2, Clan PvE, PvP+. After selecting the way, it will be displayed under the button and when you click on the button, you will go to the mission preparation screen
  2. A new PvP mode has been added. These are 1v1 fights on a scaled-down map for faster combat. We will be glad if you leave a review on the new card
  3. A shop for elite operatives has been added. The price for hiring operatives in the store is higher than usual. Some players will get this feature with the next store update.
  4. Added skins for weapons. In the future, unique skins for certain types of weapons will be added
  5. Added the ability to select a unique avatar for operatives. Players who previously purchased the Battle Pass will receive Operator Avatars based on their Account avatars
  6. Added the ability to invite clanmates to matches
  7. Added a timer for the completion of contracts
  8. Now, when you click on the tilde (`), the general chat will not open
  9. Now, in PvP modes, when you win with a 20% chance, tablets will appear as a reward
  10. Now, pressing the class icon next to the HP bar will not switch to an operative, which will eliminate possible situations with the impossibility of throwing a grenade
  11. Special offers are now updated not only when you win PvP, but also when you win COOP
  12. Fixed a bug when the travel area and AP consumption did not match
  13. Fixed a bug when the estimated spread of the grenade launcher does not match the actual one
  14. Fixed a bug where, in joint battles, if an ally's operative dies, then the second player's timer decreases, while the allies do not
  15. Fixed a bug when the skill "Hail of Fragments" was triggered on allies when the "Get down!" skill was learned
  16. A bug has been fixed when the skill "Fast reload" worked on shotguns as well
  17. Improved the AI ​​of engineers and alien robots
  18. The camera shows only the explosion, not the grenade thrower and the flurry. And not blocked for movement
  19. Increased speed of animations: equipping a weapon after throwing a grenade, self-healing, healing an ally, providing a weapon after healing
  20. Content optimization
  21. Minor GUI fixes
  22. Minor bug fixes on maps
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.