30 Dec

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Dear players, on behalf of the entire RAM Pressure Team, we wish you a Happy New Year! Good luck in all your matters and new victories in 2023!

We've prepared a New Year gift code for you: NY-2023.

The code includes: Protective Modules "Elite", Weapon Modules "Elite", Supply crate x3, Labware x300, Special weapons, Special body armor, $30,000.
Validity: until February 1, 2023.

12 Oct

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  • Added clan chat
  • A more detailed display of the operator's parameters in battle has been implemented. You can find them out by going to the detailed window of the operative
  • Now, if the opponent left the battle at the time of loading, the battle will end when you finish loading the map (previously you had to wait for a timeout)
  • Now, interactive objects do not affect Killer instinct and Survival instinct
  • Now, when hit with a knife, the Second Wind skill is no longer activated
  • Now, passive skills that give bonuses for action now also work on interactive objects
  • Coma no longer appears when killing with a knife
  • Minor GUI fixes

08 Sep

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  1. A new system for improving SPIKE characteristics. There are no more calculations within the match for the distribution of points. The bonuses of the parameters themselves have not changed.
    The Operator receives SPIKE points when they gain a new rank:
    • +1 to all stats automatically (same as now)
    • +4 free points for distribution
    You can improve the desired parameter by pressing “+”. You cannot improve the same parameter two times in a row. Pumped-up operatives will have their SPIKE characteristics reset to their original values, and free points will be added in return for improvement
  2. Added a discount for some camouflages. Camouflages for which the discount is available will change every 28 days, along with the Battle Pass
  3. Now, when aiming at targets that are not selected for the shot, they will be translucent, and when HP dies, the bar disappears with a slight delay
  4. Added the abili...
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28 Aug

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В обычном магазине элитные бойцы менее доступны исходя из шанса выпадения (и может выпасть только 1, а не 3), но более доступные по цене
В элитном, более доступные бойцы, потому что шанс выпадения 100%, но менее доступные по цене.
Такова плата за постоянство бойцов в магазине.

24 Aug

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  1. Added the "To battle" button. Now, there is no need to look for contracts on the global map. The following modes have been moved: PVE, COOP, PVP, 2x2, Clan PvE, PvP+. After selecting the way, it will be displayed under the button and when you click on the button, you will go to the mission preparation screen
  2. A new PvP mode has been added. These are 1v1 fights on a scaled-down map for faster combat. We will be glad if you leave a review on the new card
  3. A shop for elite operatives has been added. The price for hiring operatives in the store is higher than usual. Some players will get this feature with the next store update.
  4. Added skins for weapons. In the future, unique skins for certain types of weapons will be added
  5. Added the ability to select a unique avatar for operatives. Players who previously purchased the Battle Pass will receive Operator Avatars based on their Account avatars
  6. Added the ability to...
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02 Aug

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  1. The debuff camera at the start of the turn is disabled, except for moving and panic shots. The effects are shown as text above the fighter at the start of the turn and hang until they appear in the camera's field of view for 3 seconds.
  2. Fixed a problem with the equipment window freezing before the battle, stopping working in rare cases
  3. Increased hit chance for interactive objects to 80-90%
  4. Fixed a bug where the “Volley” skill did not always work when aiming at the maximum distance
  5. Fixed a bug where the turn order was not determined randomly in co-op battles
  6. Fixed a bug with broken equipment that appeared when starting a contract in cases where the broken equipment was in a different squad than in the selected one
  7. Fixed the “Hit the weak harder!” skill of the Spark weapon. It no longer regenerates ammo on a miss
  8. Animation fixes that should fix some stutters
  9. ...
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26 Jul

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Changes in skills
  1. Recon shot - Accuracy penalty 12% (was 20%)
  2. Recon overwatch - Accuracy penalty 25% (was 40%)

  3. In the sight - Chance of critical damage - 10% (was 15%)
  4. Reconnaissance in force - When detected by the enemy, the scout receives an additional move action
    Increases unit evasion by 5% while the scout is alive

  5. Ambush - Now the skill ends the turn (previously required two actions)

  6. Probability of dropping bots with tablets has been increased (almost two times on average)

  7. The reward for completing the “CHAPTER 3. The Object” contract now gives out a mercenary of Rarity Pro
  8. The reward for completing the contract “CHAPTER 6. Payday” now gives out a mercenary of Rarity Elite
  9. Increased rewards for completing story missions (Now higher-level equipment is issued...
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11 Jul

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Originally posted by soapboxx: как тогда получить доступ к кооп миссиям?
Только находясь в клане
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Здравствуйте. Это клановое строение.
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Здравствуйте. Приложите, пожалуйста, логи

Логи хранятся по пути: C:\Users\ Имя_пользователя\AppData\LocalLow\GDT\RAMPressure
Нужны вот эти файлы:
Или можно ввести %appdata% в поиск (если у вас win10/11)

Все эти файлы запакуйте в архив и отправьте на почту

06 Jul

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  1. Now the run of the operatives begins with the 4th cell. Previously began with 2 AP
  2. Fixed the stop of the game after applying the skill of "short bursts" at heavy infantry
  3. Optimization XRAY (display of operatives through objects). Now the weapon will not be displayed
  4. Optimization of residual silhouettes (when performing unmasking actions)
  5. Optimization of smoke and poison effects
  6. Client optimization
  7. Minor GUI fixes
  8. Minor bug fixes on maps

24 Jun

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  1. New[] HP bar
  2. Client Optimization
  3. Added change of camouflage of fighters. Camouflage is bought one time per account
  4. Added change of the name of the fighters
  5. New maps are available in Mexican and port settings
  6. Contracts with the “Protection of the object” mode are available for players
  7. Fixed a bug with the battle freezing after reloading a weapon
  8. Fixed a bug when there was no match in the co-op, and in PvE modes, an inscription about the found enemy appeared
  9. Fixed a bug with an incorrect display of activity points in the clan
  10. ...
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27 May

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  1. Update time of specials in the store was reduced from 24 to 3 hours
  2. The bug was fixed. When an alien died, it was impossible to occupy its location in the current turn
  3. The bug was fixed. When the player in the area of the barrel explosion could move only 1 AP and did not get the negative effects
  4. Small fixes for GUI
  5. Small bug fixes on maps

    Clan system
  6. The ability to create a clan was added
  7. New building of the base is "Defensive outline" and it's available only in the clan
  8. Clan default level is 1 and it can be upgraded to the maximum level of 60
  9. Clan level directly depends on the "Defensive outline" building. Through the development of that building the clan raises its level.
    [expand type=details]
    The number of players in the clan is limited ( 5 by default) and increasing with the clan level.
    An increase in clan level unlocking the acc...
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26 Apr

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Напишите, пожалуйста, нам на почту
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Здравствуйте. Вы купили именно то, что было предложено в магазине. Никакого обмана в этом случае нет.

18 Apr

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Originally posted by donec332: тоже самое
Какая именно у вас проблема?

04 Apr

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Подскажите, пожалуйста, название вашего процессора и видеокарты

31 Mar

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Да, было бы здорово открывать множество кейсов одни нажатием. Такая задача у нас стоит в планах.

Спасибо за предложение.

25 Mar

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Technical work completed. The server is open. Please restart the launcher.
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Today at 10:00 Moscow time, technical work related to the server infrastructure began on the server.

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