8 months ago - Nesquik - Direct link
Changes in skills
  1. Recon shot - Accuracy penalty 12% (was 20%)
  2. Recon overwatch - Accuracy penalty 25% (was 40%)

  3. In the sight - Chance of critical damage - 10% (was 15%)
  4. Reconnaissance in force - When detected by the enemy, the scout receives an additional move action
    Increases unit evasion by 5% while the scout is alive

  5. Ambush - Now the skill ends the turn (previously required two actions)

  6. Probability of dropping bots with tablets has been increased (almost two times on average)

  7. The reward for completing the “CHAPTER 3. The Object” contract now gives out a mercenary of Rarity Pro
  8. The reward for completing the contract “CHAPTER 6. Payday” now gives out a mercenary of Rarity Elite
  9. Increased rewards for completing story missions (Now higher-level equipment is issued)
  10. For a clean defeat in the “2x2 Battle” mode, the reward has been increased to $1500 (was $600)
  11. For a clean defeat in the Skirmish mode, the reward has been increased to $1500 (was $600)
  12. For an apparent defeat in the “PvP Rating” mode, the reward has been increased from $2000 (was $600)

    Premium service
  13. Purchasing premium, you get $5,000 daily, an intelligence bonus multiplier, and an additional reward for winning contracts

    Fixes and improvements
  14. Fixed a bug when the skill "Pistol shot" could be used at the distance of the primary weapon
  15. Changes with interactive objects:
    • Fixed a bug when barrels were considered enemies
    • The aiming priority has been reduced. Now the barrels are at the end and are not automatically selected even if the barrel has a high hit chance
  16. Fixed a bug when tasks related to the cooperative battles mode were not included in the Battle Pass when completed
  17. The order of fighters in battle now corresponds to the order of fighters from the lobby
  18. Fixed a bug when the bot using the estate "Volley" could shoot endlessly, which caused the application to freeze
  19. Fixed FPS drop in the window for forming a squad for a mission
  20. Fixed a bug when FPS limits did not work in the steam version
  21. Fixed a bug when containers were not opened when opened multiple times
  22. Fixed a long delay in the animation of sending a medical drone for a soldier with heavy weapons
  23. The animation of climbing/jumping from a height for a fighter with heavy weapons has been fixed
  24. Fixed a bug when an inaccessible target for a shot was selected when activating a skill
  25. Minor GUI fixes
  26. Minor bug fixes on maps