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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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  1. A new system for improving SPIKE characteristics. There are no more calculations within the match for the distribution of points. The bonuses of the parameters themselves have not changed.
    The Operator receives SPIKE points when they gain a new rank:
    • +1 to all stats automatically (same as now)
    • +4 free points for distribution
    You can improve the desired parameter by pressing “+”. You cannot improve the same parameter two times in a row. Pumped-up operatives will have their SPIKE characteristics reset to their original values, and free points will be added in return for improvement
  2. Added a discount for some camouflages. Camouflages for which the discount is available will change every 28 days, along with the Battle Pass
  3. Now, when aiming at targets that are not selected for the shot, they will be translucent, and when HP dies, the bar disappears with a slight delay
  4. Added the ability to open all boxes at once if there is more than 1 in a stack
  5. Resource costs (improvement of weapons, research) have been brought to a single view: the red colour shows how many resources you already have, if not enough
  6. Fixed display of the number of boxes after receiving via the gift key
  7. Minor GUI fixes
  8. Minor bug fixes on maps